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You Stupid is an immensely simple game that lets you prove whether you are smart or not in a fun way. It offers some simple questions and lets you answer these questions to prove your mentality. This game offers many levels that become a bit difficult as going upward. You Stupid t has a simple to use interface that lets you play this game with more ease. You can challenge your friends that think that you stupid, and you can prove them that you are not by attaining more and more points. It offers a huge list of the question with a limited period so that you can easily answer those question and make the best of your score. When you make a reasonable score, you can share it with your friends to prove that you are indeed smart and not stupid. This interesting game increases your knowledge, and you can seek information in a fun way like never before. You Stupid is a platform for showing your abilities with your friends and tell them that you are not stupid. You Stupid is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Draw Something

Draw Something is the finest and one of the world’s most popular drawing game on mobile and some other platforms. This app offers a fun way to exchange doodle art with you family members and friends. You just have to pick your brush, start painting, sketch a perfect work of…

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Speed Guess Something

Speed Guess Something is a real time PvP game which enables you to draw, sketch, doodle, or guess words with family persons and friends or make new friends. It offers an addictive gameplay and is a sequel to draw something. Speed Guess Something is one of the most popular social…

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Hanging With Friends

Hanging With Friends is an addictive game which offers you to build secret words and keep your family members and friends guessing. It is a brand new twist game to the classic gameplay of Hangman. It offers a similar gameplay of drawing words and guessing. It is up to you…

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Mini Golf MatchUp

Mini Golf MatchUp is an amazing game that offers tons of pure fun and entertainment hours. It lets you play golf on your Android and iOS devices, and you can also build challenges with your friends. It is an attractive drag and releases gameplay that provides dozens of holes, stunning…

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What’s The Phrase

What’s The Phrase Free is an amazing game that offers a unique and marvelous collection of phrases. If you are looking for a phrase, then you would definitely get it from here. There is a board of incomplete words phrases, and you have to guess the phrase faster than any…

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Matching With Friends

Matching With Friends is an addictive game for puzzle lovers, developed by Zynga. You can play this explosively fun game and enjoy the gameplay. It is an interesting gameplay that lets you challenge your friends to solve the mystery of new puzzles and matching fun. You can play with your…

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Words With Friends

Words With Friends is probably the world’s most popular game that offers a fun world for the puzzle lovers from all over the world. This game lets you expand your English vocabulary by getting knowledge while playing. Words With Friends is a fun, free, ad-free and amazing social word game…

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Dice With Buddies

Dice With Buddies is a great, easier, and more exciting game to play. This app lets you take your opponent player with brand new custom dice, biggest winner events, an improved interface, and premium dice tournaments. It is a widely played game that you can equally enjoy on your mobile…

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SongPop is a stunning and the most addictive game for music lovers. It is the top rated social game for the rest of 2012. This game offers a simple, fast, and fun scenario of play and lets you challenge your friends or family members and some other online music lovers…

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What’s The Pic

What’s The Pic lets you guess the hidden pic and win the battle. It is an amazing hidden pic game available on Android and iOS devices. This game offers a huge gallery of high-quality pics, and you have to guess that pic more quickly than your other friends and challengers.…

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Word Chums

Word Chums is an amazing app that lets its users enjoy Challenging and Puzzle gameplay. It is the highest rated game that allows you play free with your friends and solo against the computer. It is an award winning game that takes you into an extreme level of the Word-based…

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Word Streak-Words With Friends

Word Streak-Words With Friends is a word guessing gameplay that lets you join the community of millions of people and start challenging them. It is an addictive fast, fun, and amazing game of friend finding. You have to guess the words in a limited time and score the most points…

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Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a fun, challenging, and addictive gameplay that lets you increase your knowledge by answering unique questions from a library of thousands of questions. It offers a huge list of question to choose and answer from six different categories. Trivia Crack offers tons of exciting new questions in…

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Trivia Burst (Trivia Quiz)

Trivia Burst (Trivia Quiz) is an awesome addictive and fun game that offers a huge gallery of challenging questions. It offers more than 70,000 questions from almost 30 different categories with an online fame of 15,000,000 players from all over the world. This game lets you play in single player…

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Atriviate (Online Trivia)

Atriviate (Online Trivia) offers a cool gameplay loads with hours of entertaining and exciting levels and modes. It is an amazing app that lets you enjoy an addictive gameplay with your friends and family members. It offers many exciting game modes so that you can easily answer or ask questions…

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Quizoid (Trivia Quiz)

Quizoid (Trivia Quiz) is a learning platform to test your mental abilities and knowledge with demanding general knowledge questions in a fun way. This interesting app includes tons of interesting question from a variety of topics. Quizoid (Trivia Quiz) offers three different modes, with thousands of questions, and can be…

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Mega Trivia

Mega Trivia is an awesome game to increase your knowledge by answering from a collection of almost 50,000 questions. It chooses questions from a wide variety of topics includes Chemistry, Entertainment, Famous People, Food & Beverage, Arts and Literature, Astronomy and Space, Mathematics, Medical Science, General Knowledge, Geography, and more.…

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Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz offers an amazing, addictive, and fun gameplay for guessing the logos and brands. It has more than 60,000,000 downloads around the world. It is a free game that lets you guess the names of thousands of brand’s logos from popular companies. It contains a distinct collection of more…

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Guess the Restaurant Quiz

Guess the Restaurant Quiz is an amazing guessing game that gives you an acknowledgment of the restaurants in a fun and exciting way. It is an extremely casual game that tests your knowledge and has more than 3 million players from all over the world. It offers a variety of…

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Guess the Movie

Guess the Movie is an awesome and addictive movie guessing game. This game offers a simple scenario of providing an image and guessing the movie. It is a game that lets you test yourself if you remember some popular and your favorite movies through images or posters. It contains an…

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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? And Friends

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? And Friends is an amazing, addictive, and puzzle game to enjoy playing on Android and iOS devices. It is an interesting game that lets you challenge yourself and your friends to answer the questions from 5th grade. It is an amazing game that…

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DK Quiz

DK Quiz is an amazing game that lets you test your knowledge with hundreds of questions for free. It is an amazing app for quiz lovers and one who love to challenge others. It offers a real-time amazing platform for increasing the span of your knowledge and is perfect for…

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Colormania – Guess the Color

Colormania – Guess the Color is an amazing app that lets you guess the colors of tons of brands from all over the world. It is a unique, funny, and entertaining game show that enables its users to choose the correct colors and unlock the brand’s logotypes. In this awesome…

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Genius Quiz

Genius Quiz is an outstanding platform for genius and intelligent persons who love to challenge their friends and other fellow beings. It lets you challenge your friends to see that who is smarter and faster in answering a series of 100 questions. You can use your mental abilities and knowledge…

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94 Seconds

94 Seconds is a widely used app which lets you play randomly or your friends against one of more than 12 million players from all over the world. It provides 1 word, 1 letter, or 1 category to find and score higher than your opponents like some randomly asked question…

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QuizUp is an award winning, a free multiplayer game that lets its users to challenge your friends or randomly from millions of people around the world using the same app. You can meet new people who share their interest and challenge or chat with them. QuizUp is one of the…

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One touch Drawing

One touch Drawing is a simple yet attractive game to test your brain. It lets you draw anything you want in one touch. It is an addictive puzzle game that lets its users enjoy a simple gameplay with his existing or new ones, from millions of the people around the…

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Guess a Sketch

Guess a Sketch is a puzzle, drawing, education, and guessing game published and developed by Spigo. This sketching game is an entertaining game in which you have to make different sketches and pics of whatever things in your minds and let your opponent or the challenger to guess. You can…

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iSketch is amazing puzzle, drawing, and guessing app for iOS users created by an 11 years old kid and helps support children in the hospital. It is a well-designed and easy to use platform that offers an excellent quality graphics, and sounds for the attraction of its users from all…

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Draw My Thing

Draw My Thing is a game that lets you draw, and some other person is to guess what you have made. It is a widely played puzzle, addictive, interesting, browser-based, and single/multiplayer video game. Draw My Thing offers an exciting gameplay in which you can easily pick your brush and…

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Scene It? Box Office Smash

Scene It? Box Office Smash is a trivia game created by Krome Studies and published by Microsoft Fame Studios. It is an amazing puzzle game that offers an interesting gameplay where more than four players test their knowledge and skills of movie clips through many fantasy-themed levels. It offers an…

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Buzz! Quiz TV

Buzz! Quiz TV is a great game to enjoy playing with some friends and family members. It is the on seventh in the series of Buzz! Quiz Games and probably the first game for PlayStation 3. It efficiently combines the elements of Q&A, Puzzle, and Party and supports both single…

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Buzz! Quiz World

Buzz! Quiz World is a puzzle, party, multi and single player game that lets its users enjoy an addictive gameplay with more fun. This game is the ninth release in the Buzz! Quiz Games series. The main focus of this game is the questioning and answering scenario that mixes with…

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 Akinator is an addictive mobile-based single player twenty questions, single player videos game for iOS and Android devices created by RedStoneSpecial and published by The Eloquence. It is a widely played game which is based on artificial intelligence programming that basically discovers and learn how to find the awesome questions…

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Wipeout Wall

Wipeout Wall is an amazing mathematics-learning app. It is an interesting game that increases your knowledge through mathematics operations like multiplication and division. It offers a smooth panel of bricks where the answers of particular mathematics operations are available, and make it enjoyable for you. The answers are written on…

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Mystical Eyeball

Mystical Eyeball sees and knows everything, developed by Angelo Gizzi. It contains the answers of all of your questions, and you can ask about anything from the Mystical Eyeball it will give you the right answer for your question. So just put a question, give it a shake, and it…

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Funbrain Jr.

Funbrain Jr. offers a collection of puzzle, vibrant, and educations video game for kids created by Family Education Network. This game takes you to the mystery of learning journey and provides five separate addictive gameplays. You can get amazing stuff to learn from here while playing this game. Funbrain Jr.…

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Sumdog is probably the most famous game for the millions of students from all over the world due to its exciting features. It currently has the 15 of Sumdog’s popular games and regularly adding more games. It offers a login panel and lets you add your normal details to play…

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Family Feud

Family Feud is a party, puzzle, and addictive trivia game created by Ludia, published by Global Star. The game is available on Xbox and PlayStation platforms. It is the most loving and widely played game with hundreds of exciting questions regarding different categories including Sports, movies, politics, entertainment, and much…

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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is an addictive, unique, education, Word, and single player mode video game totally based on a TV show having the same name. You can easily use this app on your Android and iOS devices that revolve around guessing letters and some hidden phrases elements. Wheel of Fortune…

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Family Feud 2

Family Feud 2 is a stunning piece of puzzle gaming which lets you enjoy awesome graphics, all new twists, and surveys allowing you to boost up your score. You can challenge your friends to check who the best Family Feud player is, and you can also challenge your family members,…

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Scene It? Movie Night

Scene It? Movie Night is an addictive game that lets you play with a massive knowledge of movies. If you want to play Scene It? Movie Night, then you have to see a huge collection of movies, and you also have to remember them to answer questions related to the…

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Spaceteam is a game for aggressive persons who love to push buttons and shout at their friends. It offers an enjoyable game to play with your friends, family members, and thousands of other people around the world. Some of its exciting features include Teamwork, Confusion, Beveled Nanobuzzers, Shouting, An untimely…

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