21 Apps Like WordPad

WordPad is the most simple, easy, quick, and intuitive text editor or office suite with a minimal User Interface. Its convenient interface offers you the space to edit and view your documents and other word stuff easily. This app offers a number of amazing features that provide excellent stuff for taking notes, to-do lists, editing texts, managing, designing, and lots of other improvised material. WordPad provides different characters for taking notes, contains the history of some recently edited documents, supports large volume files, provides custom themes, and is extremely quick and easy to use. It has a simple and clean interface and provides a free spell check support, share in and out of the app, and offers automatic saving options. WordPad has a great rating on Play Store. It is the built-in and the basic word processor for almost all versions of Windows 95 and onwards. It offers great tools set for making your documents more gorgeous, attractive, and eye catching with a variety of formats, printed texts options, colors, etc. But it does not support footnotes and endnotes. WordPad is useful to work on many Windows and some other devices.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a fabulous and the most stunning word processor that makes it stunning to write, view, edit, and create documents on the go and access your documents easily from anywhere using its mobile phone. It is probably the most widely used word processor with some stunning features. You…

LibreOffice – Writer

LibreOffice – Writer, is a word processing app with improved capabilities that lets its user to unleash its creativity and improves your productivity. It is a great office suite that offers a smooth panel to create and edit documents in the way you want. It includes numerous applications that make…

Google Drive – Docs

Google Drive – Docs is a widely used app for making important documents in an efficient way, and you can easily store it in a cloud based storage for future use. This office suite is a great app which lets you Write, Edit, and Working Collaboratively wherever you are. This…

OfficeSuite 8 Pro + PDF

OfficeSuite 8 Pro + PDF is one of the fastest, robust and more freshly designed with improved speed across the entire app and lets you do your stuff quite easily and effectively. It lets you easily view, create, and innovatively edit documents. It is used to create Word, PowerPoint, and…


Write! offers an elegant atmosphere to create to-do lists, presentations, notes, text, documents, and other writing projects of any kind and format. It has all the complementary features of a good word filled into a clutter-free interface. It provides a powerful writing tool which lets you maximize your productivity to…

Apache OpenOffice Writer

Apache OpenOffice Writer is a robust, fully equipped and modern word processor. It is simple enough for a quick document, like memo and is powerful enough to create full books, with contents, diagrams, indexes, other multimedia content, etc. It lets you freely concentrate on your ideas while bloggers and writers…

Airborn OS

Airborn OS offers an innovative way to make documents and lets you store your documents as well as presentations in the cloud security. Using this app you can easily access, edit, and modify your documents anywhere. If you store your content in the cloud storage that it would be a…

WPS Writer

WPS Writer is a perfect word processor with more ease and reliability. It is your dream solution for a no-commitment, low-budging, and free productivity office suite. It is a lightweight app consisting of Presentations, Writer, and the Spreadsheets along with a PDF to fulfill all of your writing needs. It…

iWork – Pages

iWork – Pages is one of the most beautiful word processors that you have ever seen on your iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, etc. This powerful word processor helps users to create generous reports, resumes, documents, presentations, and other word processor stuff in minutes. It is used…


Scrivener is widely used app that works amazing for the rest of many years. It is a robust content-generation tool that lets you compose and generate complex and most complicated documents which need more efforts than the ordinary documents. Scrivener has most of its concentration to make sure that you…


TextMaker is an advanced tool for creating, editing and maintaining your documents in a user-friendly way. It is probably the only software that makes that allows you open, edit, and save all sort of your Microsoft Word document while maintaining all content and formatting. You can easily make documents and…


Lumio is a great app that lets you edit, organize, highlight, and share your images, ideas, innovations, documents, and other data stuff easily and quickly. It is a tremendous stuff in the field of a word document. It is a useful office suite that enables you to highlight your data,…

Calligra Words

Calligra Words is an intuitive and innovative word processor app with desktop publishing features. It is a widely used word suite that helps you create attractive and informative documents extremely easy. It lets you add charts, images, and other multimedia stuff effortlessly into the Word Documents. Calligra Words is an…

iBooks Author

iBooks Author is something amazing that lets you create stunning textbooks, cookbooks, history books, thesis, picture books, and many others using your iPhones, iPad, iPod, iPad mini, Mac book, and other iOS devices. It is a stunning office suite with tons of breath taking features. You can start with new,…

DropBox Paper

DropBox Paper is an astonishing app that brings ideas to life and makes it possible by an effective teamwork. This app lets you grow bigger, with bright ideas, and is a flexible workshop that that brings both people and ideas altogether. This app makes sure a great collaboration of people,…

Nevron Writer

Nevron Writer is one of the best word processors that help you make professional levels documents. It is probably the best alternative for Microsoft Word that you can find in the market. This awesome office suite is a modern word processor that behaves and looks almost identically under Mac and…


Jarte is a cool, portable, and free word suite that lets you make innovative documents with more ease and convenience. Jarte is a great app that lets you edit, organize, manage, and create new or improvise some already existing document files. This office suite offers tons of amazing features and…

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is an online word suite which enables you to create and edit word documents using your device browser and also save them in its cloud based approach. It offers a cloud based storage which lets you store and access your documents from anywhere, anytime and share them as…


Byword is another amazing office suite for making stunning documents and other word processor stuff. It is planned to make writing more interesting, and more pleasurable with Markdown on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and some other devices. It can easily export Markdown documents to HTML and PDF documents or vice…


Notion is an amazing app that makes sure a smooth workflow for editing and creating word documents. It is a unified and collaborative workspace for your tasks, notes, and wikis. It lets you do work more collaboratively on a single project so that all the members can assess a single…

Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis Word Processor is a fully features an app that you might have to design some simple formatted documents, letters, memos, presentations, resumes, etc. It provides powerful tools and options for making gorgeous looking stuff easing a variety of features availability. It offers traditional work processing commands that provide you…

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