18 Apps Like Transmission

Transmission is an open source BitTorrent client and a volunteer based project. It does not play games or does wrong with its users to make money. It is a reliable platform that does not bundle toolbars, twitter tools, flash ads, pop-up ads or anything else. It does not carry some features back for a paid version. It allows everyone to view its source code. It offers a super security for its users, and it does not occupy any third party ads or analytics. It is a document sharing utility that is good for downloading uTorrent like platforms (like BitTorrent and uTorrent). It is consequently connected with torrent media and records. It had a pretty simple user interface and designed for easy, and powerful use. Transmission only takes a few simple clicks to configure its advance features and options like the watch directories web interface, and bad peer blocklists. It has some of the powerful features that you need from a BitTorrent patron. It offers webseed support, peer exchanging, magnet links, DHT, UTP, encryption, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, etc. Rather than this, Transmission also offers tracker editing, global and per-torrent speed limits and much more.

eMule Plus

eMule Plus is a new generation, compatible, and easy to use torrent client, created to improve the original graphical user interface and to brings you the best experience ever. It is a clean platform that does not contain any adware, spyware or the like. It is an open source project…


MP3ROCKET is another FrostWire spinoff with similar look and functionality. It is working great on Mac and Windows, and the app supports both BitTorrent and Gnutella downloads. Unlike its name suggests, it is not limited to discover MP3s. It is proficient of downloading any file format including hundreds of video…


aMule stand for all-platform Mule. It is a torrent client for the eD2k and Kademlia networks, which supports multiple platforms. It is available in 28 languages. It gives support for resource exchange in order to search sources for files more effectively and efficiently. It support for the compressed sharing and…


LittleShoot is a client of torrent which allows you download and transfer files in an easy way. This platform lets you search for audio, video, image files and other documents in an easy way. It works with a vast range of web browsers and supports different networks and websites. So…


Tixati is a great torrent client which is popular for its anti-spyware and anti-adware function. It downloads files cleanly and install or uninstall in a safe way and does not add any extra thing on your system. Tixati is one of the most attractive features is the simplicity of its…


LimeWire is an attractive, modified and clean torrent client which allows you to get connected with your friends and manage or share files quickly. It is a very popular P2P file-sharing app which appears to be encouraging legal downloads with LimeWire store. It has a cleaner and simpler UI, but…


FinalTorrent is a torrent client that helps you handle your .torrent files and easily find your downloads. It allows you to get one click torrent downloads and a quick, easy and 100% free service. It offers a user-friendly interface and allows users to discover and download movies, software, and music…

Torrent Swapper

Torrent Swapper is an open source sociable P2P file sharing client based on the BitTorrent protocol. It is ultimate for high-speed distribution of large files and records that have a basic of user’s taste in content, Internet connectivity between users and a basic understanding of the human friendships. It supports…


BitComet is a fast, free and powerful BitTorrent download client. It is a super-fast and easy to use customer service which aims to give you one of the most reliable services. It is a BitTorrent, FTP, and HTTP download client and supports many newly introduced or some modern BitTorrent clients…


BitSpirit is another easy to use and powerful torrent client for almost all platforms submitted by BitSpirit. There is a huge list of features that it offers for downloading different stuff like media and documents from its own web browser. It offers one of the easiest and smooth ways to…


BitTorrent is an Internet technology app that based in San Francisco. Is offers a distributed technology design that works efficiently. It is an app that keeps consumers and creators in control of their data and content. There is a huge community that uses this torrent client from all over the…


tTorrent is another torrent customer, which is working efficiently on Windows machines that allow you to download torrent documents and files at endless speeds straightforwardly to the memory of your machine (PC). It offers fallback URL for search engine and has a smooth search engine which allows you to search…


PicoTorrent is a tiny and friendly BitTorrent client for windows with low memory usage and high performance. It is built directly on the Windows APIs and will look instinctive on all maintained Windows platforms. It is a privacy oriented app which offers an easy way of epoxy connection settings. PicoTorrent…


KTorrent is a widely used, free, and open source bit of programming that offers its clients an extremely complex and full included torrent and magnet document downloader. It is a BitTorrent application which lets you download the different document and other media files using the BitTorrent protocol. It is an…


Deluge is a torrent client which is used to download and transfer files and other media and information from anywhere throughout the internet. It is a fully featured cross-platform. It is a free app, licensed under the GNU and adheres to freedesktop standard, which allows it to work across many…


qBittorrent is a P2P sharing app that provides another option to uTorrent. It aims to provide an open resource app and software alternative to uTorrent. You can use it over any of your desired platforms, and one of the best thing about this app is that it delivers the same…


uTorrent is a soft, smooth, elegant, and efficient torrent downloading platform with an immensely great range of users from all across the world. It aims to create a better internet to work with people, nations, and industries to create a reliable way to transfer information. It offers a distributed technologies…


FrostWire is a free cloud downloader, BitTorrent Client, and the media player as well. It is a three in one solution with its great execution evaluations. Frostwire allows you to easily search and download files directly from the cloud sources and the BitTorrent network. You can also use its built-in…

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