14 Apps Like SurveyMini

SurveyMini is a platform which rewards you some coins and gifts from easy surveys. It let soy earn rewards and redeem by taking out some short surveys. It lets you start earning today by downloading consumer’s favorite lifestyle app. it rewards you by answering some quick surveys (approximately 11 questions) when you visit some of your favorite places like restaurants, attractions, and stores. On completing each survey, you will get a reward in the form of free foods, points towards gift cards and some discounts. After the finishing point of each survey you can receive a short survey on your mobile screen on the spot. A short survey consists of almost 11 simple questions about that particular stuff. It offers an easy and a fast way to turn those opinions into free stuff and discount by answering all the short questions. All of its scenario includes the installations of its app for Android and iPhone, receive short mobile phone surveys about the place you go. Complete the survey on your mobile phone and receive awards. You can repeat the whole scenario again and again for having real fun.


AppRedeem is an app which lets you watch different app tailors and get instant gift cards and coins in an easy and a convenient way. This is a widely used mobile app which has more than 5 million video views a day. It lets you try out some unique and…


CheckPoints is one of the top rewarding apps for Android users. It is a mobile app that let you win some cool prizes like gift cards, coins, airline miles and gadgets just by checking out some of your favorite places and products. Using this platform you can easily collect points…

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog allows you earn cash through shopping. It is one of the widely used mobile earning platforms through which you can easily earn money without any personal effort. It offers an easy and a fun way to turn your daily receipts into real cash and rewards. You can make…

Mobile Performance Meter

Mobile Performance Meter is redeemed for Amazon gift cards and got them in minutes. It has a spectacular and a quick customer service. It has an easy way to make some money. You can use this app to get free gift cards and mobile airtime. Once you can use this…


Showbox is a platform for cash rewards for downloading games apps and games. It pays almost every week. You can get cash points for downloading fun apps and games. You can use these points to cash out via redeem Amazon gift cards or through via PayPal. You will receive payment…


CashPirate is one of the better reward apps for Android. Using this platform you can easily earn coins, gift cards and infect money. You just have to download the app, sign in here and earn free money. There are several ways it offers for making money. These includes downloading free…

JunoWallet Earn Gift Cards NOW

JunoWallet Earn Gift Cards NOW is one of the best apps for saving money and buying credit cards. JunoWallet is a user-friendly app which is easy to use and interact. This app allows you to earn free money by playing games and downloading apps from here. You can also get…

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a great platform through which you can easily get different rewards, gift cards, and lot more stuff easily. It is an app launched by Google survey teams. It allows an easy downloading process for the users so that a user can easily download this app by…


Slidejoy is an amazing lock screen rewards. This app notifies you on your lock screen that whenever you check your phone, you will see a gift card with a promotion and a news story on your lock screen. So you can slide left to get some more information about that…


AppBounty is an app through which you can discover awesome apps and earn cash points easily. It has paid more than $1 million in Amazon, iTunes, Google play and much more with other gift cards. AppBounty is available on Android and Apple operating systems. Through this app, you get to…

Perk TV

Perk TV is a free app for Android which is best known for its reward app, earn money and uploading videos and providing free games, developed by Perk. It is a reward engagement platform which brings together the interest of consumers and interests to deliver actionable results and profound insights.…


FreeMyApps is a place that provides gift cards for playing the hottest games and trying new apps without any cost. Through this platform, you can discover new games and apps and easily get free gift cards. This platform lets you choose from a different platform to get more than 50…


AppTrailers is reward provider platform through which a user can get different points, and the user can redeem it for cool prices. With AppTrailers you can preview video tailors of apps and get or earn points that you can redeem for Amazon gift codes, PayPal cash and much more. This…


Appnana is one of the most popular and free mobile phone app through which you can get different rewards. Appnana is free of cost app that belongs to the shopping category for your smartphone devices, developed by Appnana Rewards. This app is popular for many of its amazing features and…

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