34 Apps Like Suicide Squad – Special Ops

Suicide Squad – Special Ops is the game version of the famous film in which the user gets selected as the leader who wants to complete a tough task. This game involves dangerous super villains who not only want to win but are ready to kill you. The best part of the game are its features and include the first person shooting experience that gives people something close to real. The primary task within the atmosphere as long as possible and reach the destination of the enemy. Several kinds of weapons are present in the gameplay and provide people with appropriate tools they require. No charges are paid for the items, and everything within the game is coming for free. This act also becomes apparent when the game downloads without having to pay anything. The user interface is friendly with all the options laid out properly and do not require the person playing to switch from one screen to the other. Exploring the city on foot to locate the enemies and the things got hidden make for an exciting experience. The option of competing with and against players around the world is also part of the package. In a nutshell, a game that makes adventure and fun a lot more real.


SOULCALIBUR is one of the most famous fighting games you will find around. Before the versions for Android and Apple were introduced it had made its mark as the most authentic game on the internet. It was first originated in 1998 and has memorable characters that make the fighting experience…

Bladelords – the fighting game

Bladelords – the fighting game is developed by PLAYSOFT and provides people with authentic combat experience. The best thing about this contest is that it is free to play and there are no charges outside or within the game. Sixteen fighters within the interface exist, and people get to select…

Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome is a game that will interest all sorts of people. The ones who are interested in playing games based on action and fighting, and the people who want to know more about history. An epic game that gives people a proper idea of how extreme action gets.…


DRAGON BALL Z BDOKKAN BATTLE is a brand new game in the saga of Dragon Z and comes with many features that will grip people towards it. The game base itself on the theme that various characters from the series face off against each other. Style in which the game…

Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Ultimate Ninja Blazing is the latest game in the series of Naruto Shippuden adventures. Various modes within the game exist. First one is the shinobi formation battle where the user gets to device simple and complex strategies so fight against the enemy. Game options where the player takes to compete…


THE KING OF FIGHTERS is an old but interesting game to play on mobile phones. It base itself on the 2D technology that might not attract most people but still has able to maintain its name as a top game because of the fighting options within it. The user interface…

MARVEL Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions is an epic fighting game based on the famous characters of the Marvel world. The theme is rather simple where the user selects their favorite characters and then fights against the other superheroes based on the superior or inferior qualities. These actions all happen in the…

Fantasy Fighter

Fantasy Fighter is a one player game developed by Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited where the user gets to play against the enemies and monsters. The city has been attacked and taken over by people who do not want prosperity and have caused chaos. It is now the responsibility of the…

Unreal Fighter Lite

Unreal Fighter Lite is the world where no one shows mercy to the other. An ultimate fighting experience that keeps people gripped to their devices. The user gets to prove their superiority over other enemies who are always looking for revenge. The best part of the game is the visual…

Deadly Fight: free fighting

Deadly Fight: free fighting is a game that the developer claims to the best and advanced combat fighting competition. Here the use gets to put all their anger in their mind and use various strategies to defeat their opponent. It is like a fight club where the whole reason for…

Mortal Tournament

Mortal Tournament is a game that is full of action and battles. Developed by Calvillo Games, this action based competition is something of a mixture of the most famous game around the internet. Although it is new in the market and still requires a lot of attention and improvement, it…

KungFu Fighting

KungFu Fighting is one of the most famous games available on the play store and in this part, returns with something more to offer. A new game plot, several new features, and classic fighting modes make for an exciting competition. The story line is just like any other ordinary Japanese…

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is one of the latest and advanced games introduced by Warner Bros. International Enterprisers. The game base itself on the DC characters and initially is a card game where all the characters get built on a roster. Moves are made based on powers after most of…

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is the newer version of the famous Facebook game that has more than 40 million users. It is a mixture of old and advanced fighting strategies where a shadow based character goes out on a journey to defeat the enemy. Along the way, several hurdles await him,…

Fight Club – Fighting Games

Fight Club – Fighting Games is a club where the main aim of everyone is to fight their way to victory. It is not as simple as it sounds, with many touch opponents waiting for you. Each fighter has their specific attributes and weaknesses that help in defeating the other.…


MORTAL COMBAT X is a fighting and adventure based game that provides people with exclusive experience when it comes to gaming in an exhilarating atmosphere. This combat game allows the user to create their own teams of fighters and lead them to battle with enemies. Not all of them have…

Beyond Fighting 2: Undead

Beyond Fighting 2: Undead is an adventure based game that comes with several new features on the previous games. Improvements made on the new version has made it one of the best choices on the play store. The theme is simple, people get to select a character and then fight…

Samurai Devil Slasher

Samurai Devil Slasher is an action packed game where the main task is to kill as many people as possible to reach the destination. Best feature of the game is the fact that the characters are shadow based, this makes or an interesting comparison with the background. Main character of…

WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals is one of the best games available on the play store. It makes all you’re a famous wrestling heroes come to live on your mobile devices. These characters come out of the ring and enter the supernatural world to fight the ultimate battles. Primary task of the game…

Fighting Tiger – Liberal

Fighting Tiger – Liberal is the first part of the famous game that gives people adventure and action at the same time. Story line is exciting where the player is Gin, who is a kung Fu fighter. He has stayed with the gang for a long time but now wants…

Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 3D

Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 3D is the ultimate fighting game of this kind of art and brings along several famous characters. This famous game comes with new story line and features that will keep the person playing glued to their devices. The theme of the game is simple where the…

Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 3D – 2

Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 3D – 2 is the second installment of the contest with the same name and provides several improvements and additions on the previous one. The theme stays the same with the character fighting against the enemies in the same way, but the atmosphere and the skills…

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited by Gameloft is one of the most famous games in superheroes category. The theme of the game is simple where the user has to combine each spider man and spider woman with each other to create a team. The sinister six have opened an unknown portal in the…

Wrestling Fighting Revolution

Wrestling Fighting Revolution is a fighting game based on the inside of the ring atmosphere. The player gets to select one of the many characters present on the roster and then competes with it against others. Each character has their strength and weakness, and that makes for fun. This game…

Ninja Warrior Assassin 3D

Ninja Warrior Assassin 3D is a game developed by AceX Games and base itself on full-time action. The theme is simple where the main character is a ninja fighter who goes on secret missions to kill the enemies. These assassins are dangerous and have killed several people for fun, and…

Tower Ninja Assassin Warrior

Tower Ninja Assassin Warrior introduced by White Code is an action packed game that provides individuals who are interested in ninja fighting, something more. The theme is such that the ninja warrior has to move up the tower to kill the gang leader, but before that, he faces difficulties at…

Power Rangers Dino Rumble

Power Rangers Dino Rumble is the game based on the famous characters and is an action-packed venture that will catch everyone’s attention. This game features rangers, villains, and Megazord and provides people with 50 tough and challenging battles against the enemy. Each one of them has their skill and powers…

Shadow Fighting Battle 3D

Shadow Fighting Battle 3D is a game developed by Trigger Team and comes with something new when we talk about fighting games. The game focuses on the character in darkness and comes forward whenever they want to kill the enemy. It has distinctive features with a ponytail at the head…

Death Fighting Tiger 3D

Death Fighting Tiger 3D is a simple game with a lot to do. It focuses itself on fighting against each other in a tournament environment where only one person will reach the end as immortal. The primary task is to kill the character coming your way before they shoot the…

Karate Fighting Tiger 3D

Karate Fighting Tiger 3D wants to make the user a real martial artist and that gains through the options provided by the interface. It takes you to the world of Japanese fighting where the biggest contest begins. People get to start as a novice and then gradually gain experience by…

Street Fighting Kung Fu Master

Street Fighting Kung Fu Master is a combination of the famous street fighter game and the Kung F arts. If it can compliment both of them, it can’t be said, but the idea is great. In the game, a player goes on the ride in the streets and comes across…

Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting

Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting is the game that focuses on bringing the old gaming experience back for people who miss it. This arcade style game comes with several options that assure the person playing to stay glued to their phones. Various characters are present within the game and offer something…

League of Stickman Free – Shadow

League of Stickman Free – Shadow is the most exciting game of the year according to the developers DreakSky and is an action packed game which brings back the combat fighting mode. It is simple, crush your enemy, beat them without getting killed and reach the end. It is not…

Stick Fight 2

Stick Fight 2 is an addictive and fast-paced game that makes everything simple. The arcade mode is what makes it distinctive from others and offers several action-packed moments that will make people want to play it more. The game does not end any point but keeps on getting more interesting…


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