31 Apps Like Stick Escape – Adventure Game

Stick Escape – Adventure Game is based on the famous character Stickman and focuses on its escape from the prison. The program concentrates on the role which is played by the user and provides them with several options within the platform to enjoy the game along with completing the task. The character is locked in the prison and wants to discharge since the length of this ban is a long one. For that, he has to go through several hurdles, to manage them proper concentration and strategies are required. The user interface is not close to the complicated ones, and this becomes a disadvantage. No charges are placed for the game to download and play, while there are no in-app purchases. People have to pass through hurdles and do that with the help of controls such as jumping, running, throwing and catching. Energy is required to at every step and products get unlocked depending on personal requirement. The user interface is simple enough, and proper guidance is given whenever it is needed. The user does not have to worry about data since the game is small and takes less space. All in all, a variant of game than others but worth playing to spend free time.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the latest and most famous games that is developed by Niantic and distributed by The Pokémon Company. It had quickly made its mark and broke the internet when it was launched and has kept its fame ever since. The theme is simple; people have to…

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Ingress is a new game in the market that has quickly attracted several people towards it. Several interesting features exist within the bout, but the best one is that your actual surroundings get turned into space where the battle originates. Opening the application and allowing to access the location will…

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Monster Ball GO

Monster Ball GO is a game based on the geo location of the person who wants to take advantage of it. In this competition the theme is simple, the spatial ball creates several monsters, and they are causing inconvenience to people around the world. It is your job now to…

Go Catch Monster

Go Catch Monster falls in several categories of the games, but this one is the most important one since the primary process of playing is connected. The plot of this game is interesting in which a boy with the red cap has to travel in a forest that is reality…

EvoCreo – Lite

EvoCreo – Lite is one of the most exciting games that are available for people to play in the store. The first thing to know about it is that there are no charges of downloading and playing the game. Some in-app purchases exist for people who want to enter the…

Catch Pixelmon Go!

Catch Pixelmon Go! is a game full of the stimulating journey one never expects. Maps are present within the game which people have to follow and find various beasts along the way. This trip includes capturing multiple pixel monsters that wander the streets and create chaos. Other kinds of monsters…

Journey Pixelmon Ball

Journey Pixelmon Ball is a game based on battle. Here, the user has to take on the monsters lurking in the city and catch them. If a fight breaks out, then using your skills and experience will make sure the monster is in the bag. It also becomes a competition…

Monster World – Fire

Monster World – Fire is a game that brings about simple options that interest people. This game is a fee to install and does not require any money, but in-app purchases are regularly offered. The theme of this game is simple where the war breaks out among two gods. One…

Craftmon Go

Craftmon Go by RX-Zen Studio is a game originated from the original Pokémon Go and has made its mark in a short period. Since the game is new on the market, few errors expected while improvements take place at regular intervals. This constant evolution makes sure people can get new…

Stickman Escape Story 3D

Stickman Escape Story 3D by GENtertainment Studios is a game based on the adventures of a stickman who has to escape from the prison. He has gotten a sentence of 50 years, and that seems life is ending prospect. But breaking and escaping from the jail is no easy task.…

Monster City

Monster City focuses on providing people fun. This action completes with the help of several game paly options present within the platform. If you are bored of the games which offer lethargic patterns and similar options, Monster City will make sure you have something new to look forward. The primary…

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is a new game in the world of adventure but has already grabbed the attention of people who want to play something exciting. The game focuses on a journey where the user has to pass through a thrill filed map. Along the way, several monsters will…

Flappy Pokémon

Flappy Pokémon is a game extremely different from other kinds. In this, instead of catching most famous characters and creating an army people have to fly the Pokémon as high as they can. Several features of the game will keep people interested. As fast as someone could do that, they…

Monster Warlord

Monster Warlord terms itself as the best monster collection game on the internet. Hundreds of unique characters are there for the taking and get unlocked when simple tasks get completed. The theme of the game is simple, where people have to catch the monsters that come along their way when…

Poke Đại Chiến

Poke Đại Chiến is a game based on strategy and catching characters. These monsters are used to fight the war and to create a small kingdom where only one ruler has the authority. The main disadvantage of this game is the language barrier. Chinese is the main one and gets…

Zombies Everywhere! Augmented Reality Apocalypse

Zombies Everywhere! Augmented Reality Apocalypse (Halloween Edition) is a game where people get to fight with zombies in real life through their phone. Yes, that is true. This game is available just on the Apple interface and becomes exclusive to people who want something different. New Zombie characters are added…


Geocoaching is one of the most famous campaign and forum based games available on the internet. Join the world’s largest treasure hunting community once you download this application. Something new is always on offer for everyone even if they are using the app for the first time or have become…

City Domination – mafia gangs

City Domination – mafia gangs is one of the most famous game based on strategy and adventure. Different groups have conquered the city, and now it is your responsibility to make sure they do not have the stronghold. To complete the domination charge, several strategies, and careful consideration is required.…

Turf Wars – GPS-Based Mafia!

Turf Wars – GPS-Based Mafia! is a game that explains the name and purpose itself. People get to settle on a place based on the location and then make it their clan. No one can enter or leave the place without you knowing; all the activities get monitored, and money flows…

Resources – GPS MMO Game

Resources – GPS MMO Game is a similar game in which people get to have a place of their own based on their location. After getting the location set and seeing that no one has any right in the area, they get to create a mafia of their own. Here,…

Zombies Go!

Zombies Go! is a game based on real life adventure that keeps people scared and interested at the same time. The theme of the game is simple, where the user has to use their phone to find out many scary beasts that come along their way. This action does not…

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is a game famous for its versatile options and theme that keeps people interested. Here, the user becomes part of the virtual world that mirrors the real world. Through their phone, the user gets to see many zombies along the way they are walking and then it becomes…

Night Terrors: The Beginning

Night Terrors: The Beginning is a reality based games that help people to explore and look at their fears in a different way. This game has been around for almost four years now and has been famous among people. It is only available on the Apple store and restricted to…


SpecTrek is a reality based ghost hunting game! Yes, that’s true. It is advanced in its feature and brings along serval scary and fun parts for people. Focus of this game is on the GPS location of the user, it then takes them on a journey through the map where…

Temple Treasure Hunt Game

Temple Treasure Hunt Game is one that not only keeps people interested in what is on offer but also makes sure they stay active. Many features of this game are different from others and provide individuals an opportunity to explore their surroundings. Based on the location, a map is generated,…

Landlord – Real Estate Tycoon

Landlord – Real Estate Tycoon is a game that converts your surrounds in your personal virtual properties. The user gets to select an area based on their location and then use all the features to buy and sell them for virtual money. It is a new game in the market…

AR Invaders

AR Invaders is a new game with loads of twists. Rated as the most famous reality based game and second, in overall memorable games of all time, it is something you have never experienced before. The story is interesting, where aliens have attacked the planet earth and the person who…

The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game

The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game not only brings the fun of playing a video game but also the facility of managing your daily activity levels. This game has been designed by the developers along with the National Health Service of the United Kingdom and makes sure people get to walk…

Clandestine: Anomaly

Clandestine: Anomaly is a game that helps people get real life experience based on the location they are currently residing. The storyline might seem similar to many others in which aliens have attached the planet earth, and now the citizens have to help on their own to make sure this…

Real Strike – Multiplayer FPS

Real Strike – Multiplayer FPS is a game existing in the virtual world but extremely close to reality. routine. Find new quests, collect money, make your mark and get the best out of killing, robberies, stealing and destroying things. Ads are there in the system which becomes troublesome, but that…

Dragon Land

Dragon Land is a platform full of adventures where people get to have an enjoyable time after completing the tasks. The game base itself on arcade more in which one dragon has to wander around the place in search of valuables. After a particular stage, there is an option of…


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