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QR Droid Code Scanner is a robust pack of QR code scanner, QR code generator, Shopping assist, and QR decoder for your Android smartphones. It is probably the full-featured QR processor available. It has changed a smartphone into a powerful scanning utility which lets you use, import, and share data in a matter of simple taps. It lets you scan and barcodes QR codes quickly and accurately and can decode QR codes from saved URL’s and images. Using this decoder, you can easily log in, register, and check out websites with just a scan. It is so easy and safe to do. QR Droid Code Scanner also functioned as code generator and create codes for business cards and contact info for events, locations, social media, URLs, and more. You can decode different codes, use your QR codes, and easily add contacts and calendar events to your smartphone. You can also discover and share locations using maps, send e-mails, SMS and more. While on the other hand, you can even share QR codes with family and friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and lots of other social channels. Rather than this, you can scan a QR code, read a review, search for it online compare prices and buy these stuff from your cell phone.

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UpCode is a highly developed, free to use an optical barcode scanner with a highly recommended 1D and 2D code reading application which is widely used throughout the world. It is based on MAI tech that turns smartphones into intelligent optical readers that are able to read and scan codes…

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QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader is highly recommended, most user-friendly, fastest and secure app for Android devices to scan any codes. It with one of the best UI design and better user experience is used by many of the Android users. It is a robust barcode reader which scan and read all…

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Lynkee Reader

Lynkee Reader is an app which decodes and connects in few minutes. It is an amazing code scanner app with lots of stunning features. Using this platform, you can easily convert your contacts info in a QR code with Lynkee Reader and share these with your friends easily by generating…

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Norton Snap QR code reader

Norton Snap QR code reader is a powerful scanner that gives an amazing protection to your phone and the important stuff from online threats by alerting you from dangerous QR codes and blocking unsafe websites and from third party crackers before they load on your mobile phone devices. This app…

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i-enigma Reader

i-enigma Reader on your phone makes you ready to decode mobile phone’s barcodes and let you connect directly to the mobile internet. It simply turns your camera into a sophisticated barcode scanner/reader. It is ranked as a top performer with its exceptionally quick and robust QR and barcode scanning. I-nigma…

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QR Code Reader “Q”

QR Code Reader “Q” enables you to read sophisticated or small codes easily and quickly. It offers a damn simple way for scanning different QR codes and barcodes efficiently and accurately. Rather than reading, QR Code Reader “Q” also supports reading barcodes and FrameQR (which is the newest development of…

Shoppertom Barcode Scanner

Shoppertom Barcode Scanner is an app that functioned as barcode or key (in product) scanner to compare prices of different products and discover the cheapest of them. It is used to match prizes and select one which is less expensive as compared to all available in the market. This app…


QuickMark is a widely used mobile barcode scanner app that lets auto scanning for multiple code formats from your phone. This app easily and quickly scans your Quick Code, QR Code, Data Matrix, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN 8/13, etc. Using QuickMark mobile barcode scanner to…

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Quick Barcode Scanner

Quick Barcode Scanner is a fantastic Android app for scanning barcodes and QR codes of different formats. This app does, what it says. With Quick Barcode Scanner you do not have to need any bulky and costly devices to scan any barcodes and products. It is an Android scanner in…


ScanLife is a stunning Barcode and QR code reader which lets you put a personal shopper in front of your pocket. Using this amazing app, you will always get the detailed information which you want the most about any product. ScanLife Barcode and QR Reader lets you scan any QR…

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NeoReader is an unusual scanning app that transforms your mobile phone into a QR/Barcode scanner and let you access mobile web content by scanning codes from publications, print ads, publication, broadcast media, retail display, billboards, or any other medium. It is a unique mobile barcode scanner app with many interesting…

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pic2shop is an app which scans barcodes and QR codes on any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc. devices. It also works on Android with or without autofocus. You can search tons of online and local stores and check public library near you. It is an ultra-fast and reliable barcode scanning…

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ShopSavvy Barcode and QR Scanner

ShopSavvy Barcode and QR Scanner is an application that lets you save your money. This app scans barcodes and QR codes and compares their prices to give detailed information about that product. You can easily get to know about every local and online sale and get cash back using its…

Barcode X

Barcode X makes an easy way to scan barcodes and QR codes to get the information about some products, music, videos, textual info and other stuff. It is a free app for that have transformed your mobile phone into an ultimate fast scanner to get things done. Some barcode apps…

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LEADTOOLS SDK Barcode Scanner

LEADTOOLS SDK Barcode Scanner is one of the world’s best premier toolkit for the developers that entail an API to read, detect, and write 1D, 2D barcodes in images and others. It is a pack of fully featured barcode technology for Android and iOS users all around the world. LEADTOOLS…

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PDF417 Barcode Scanner

PDF417 Barcode Scanner is an effective app for 2D barcode scanning developed by Microblink team. This app is intended mainly for the developers and those interested in developing barcode scanning apps for Android cell phones. It can easily be used as any other PDF417 and QR scanning app. Many amazing…

Accusoft Barcode Scanner

Accusoft Barcode Scanner is a fully featured barcode reader that lets you scan for more than 30 common 1D and 2D QR codes and barcodes including scanning QR codes and UPC codes. Using this app, you can easily scan UPC codes and compare prices of different products while shopping at…

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Quick Scan

Quick Scan is an amazing scanner that transforms your mobile phone into a smart scanner. It is an app that scans barcodes and QR codes of different formats and lets you get things embedded in those barcodes like videos, music, data, web and other stuff. Through this app, you can…

Manatee Works Barcode Scanner

Manatee Works Barcode Scanner is a simple, accurate, affordable, and fast barcode scanning solutions for tablets, smartphones, and wearables. It provides a fantastic scanner that works in an innovative and cost-effective manner and gives an efficient workflow. With SLOC at a fraction of an open-source solution, it lets developers focus…

Scandit Barcode Scanner

Scandit Barcode Scanner is the barcode scanner that has totally transform mobile devices into an enterprise-grade RQ and barcode scanner. It is an award-winning app with lots of amazing features. Its software-based QR code scanner influences the computing power of mobile devices to allow the accuracy and the highest scanning…

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Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner app lets you share apps, contacts, bookmarks and other related stuff in a barcode to your family members, friends, and others. It is a great app which scans barcodes on different products, data matrix and QR codes that containing ERLs, contact info and some other stuff. No one…

QR and Barcode Scanners

QR and Barcode Scanners is one of the fastest QR and barcode scanner working efficiently on Android and iOS devices and is an essential app for almost every device. You can scan barcodes of different formats. Using this app, you can scan products to check the details and is extremely…

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iCandy is a free application which lets you create QR codes that may link to Youtube videos, iTunes, or other websites. Using this app, you can easily embed things under barcodes and QR codes efficiently. You can easily protect your data and other stuff right in barcodes, and you can…

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Zapper provides a real-time fast, secure and quick way of scanning barcodes and QR codes of different formats. It lets you done quick, easy and secure payments and join the merchant tribes and enjoy amazing benefits inside this app. Using this app, you can easily get free vouchers, loyalty points,…

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