26 Apps Like Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is something different on offer for people who want interactive and intuitive games to play. While most other games that are strategy based allow the user to create stuff and then protect it. Here, things work in a different way. The primary task to be performed by the user is to destroy the world and kill human beings. This game originates from the fact that an unknown but deadly plague has infected you and it is spreading throughout the planet zero. It now becomes the job of the player to make sure that no one else is able to carry the vector, for this, there is only one solution. Kill everyone! It has downloaded from Play store more than 200 million times, and that tells about the effectiveness and interest people have in the playmaking. The graphics are stunning just like it says in the description while the user interface is friendly with all the options laid out for easy navigation. More than ten diseases are available to be selected, and all of them have their strategies. Once implemented, different actions will have to be taken to ensure that the tasks have to complete. There are many other features within the game as well but to summarize the game, it is easy to play and maintains interest.

Virtual Family

Virtual Family is a game that is free for everyone and based on mobile simulation videos. Developed by a well-known mobile entities it is one of the most famous among its competitors and downloaded the most number of times. Ever since it was announced and later released, the game has…

Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is a game that was released in the year 2011 and has ever since, maintained a name for itself. It is just another tower based simulation game, but there are many options within it, that will help people get addicted. The user does not have to create a…

SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is something easily explained by the name. It is a place where the user will be able to build a city of their own and then utilize all the resources provided within the game to their advantage. The theme is simple, you make a beautiful city according to…

Mega Mall Story Lite

Mega Mall Story Lite is another simulation based game where the user is allowed to create a mall where they not only build businesses but become part of several interactive options. The game begins with the feature of setting up a mall; this is a place where your designing skills…

Fashion Shopping Mall: Dress up

Fashion Shopping Mall: Dress up only gets described as a competition where you get to create a mall of your choosing. It will be a secluded place where people visit to get the stuff thy require. Most of the things, if not all will be related to fashion, as this…

City Mall Shopping

City Mall Shopping belongs to the same category of simulation and strategy based games, but in reality, has something different to offer for people. Girls mostly place it, but there are no restrictions on males playing it and getting entertained. Sticking to the girls, if you are interested in shopping,…

Dream House Days

Everyone wants a place of their own, where everything gets decorated according to their requirement. Dream House Days is a game which allows you all this, and a lot more. Developed by Kairosoft, the user can play the role of both the architect that will develop the place and the…

Happy Mall Story: Sim Game

Happy Mall Story: Sim Game is an interactive game with loads on offer. This story is in the form of building your city and creating everything from scratch. Many options within the contest will be of interest to the user. Although there is help for people, most of the work…

City Island 2

City Island 2 is the second part of fun games where people are allowed to create a realm and rule on their terms. In this part, the main options focus on building new stuff and allowing better places for the citizens to enjoy. It will not just be this one…

Survive – Wilderness Survival

Survive – Wilderness Survival is a game that is self-explanatory. The user is a person trapped in the wild and has to survive. This action will be done, based on the actions and the tools provided within the game. Many options are always there for the help which can utilize…

Lost Island Survival

Lost Island Survival is a simulation based game where the user can see from the first eye view and make decisions for them to survive. This survival challenge starts on an Island where you are trapped and have to do all it can to reach home. Some of the main…

Shopping Jam

Shopping Jam is a game where people are allowed to buy new stuff that will suit on them. They have to do so with the help of options available within the interface. Everything has a check! You cannot spend too much money on one thing; the budget is fixed but…

City Island 3 – Building Sim

City Island 3 – Building Sim is the third installation of the City Island franchise and comes along with many new variations. In this, the user can create everything from the beginnings. Just like Robinson Crusoe, they are left on the Island and have to deal with all the hardships.…

Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2 will make you fall in love with itself because of the options available and addictiveness. From the very beginning, everything that happens feels like part of your own. Here, the user can select their family among thousands of people available, since the graphics are high-quality everything seems…

City Island 4 – Sim Tycoon

City Island 4 – Sim Tycoon is the latest game from the same franchise where people can get to do more stuff and add more than they did in the previous versions. Here you are the tycoon and have to develop a village on an Island, once this is completed…

Island Survival Simulator 3D

Island Survival Simulator 3D is another one of popular simulation games that are explained correctly by the name it has. You have to survive in the extreme conditions and have to do that with the help of options and tools within the game. Here, survival and acclimatization is the main…

Survival Island – Hero Escape

Survival Island – Hero Escape is a game which has recently been introduced in the market and has made its name within no time. This action occurs because of the features that exist within the match. The graphics are high quality and suitable for all the devices except for the…

Little Dream Home

Little Dream Home is another similar game where you can get the idea just by the name. It is a house that everyone wants a place that can mold itself according to the choice of the user and many options added along the way. This game provides a little more…


Godus is a game in which people become a god! Yes, this is not even an exaggeration. Everything that is happening on the planet has to stay managed by the individual who is playing the game. It starts with the people; how many of them have to live in a…

Supermarket Shopping Girl

Supermarket Shopping Girl is another game that gets explained once you read the title. This player is a girl who has to visit the market to purchase new stuff, and she can only do that with your help. The game focuses just one the food buying abilities of the females…

Fashion Story

Fashion Story is a complete tale of a girl that wants something more from life. What she wants, is totally fashion. The user has to play the role of the main character and then take decisions based on the fashion sense. The game is not that simple, various tasks are…

Village City – Island Sim

Village City – Island Sim is a game in which people have the option of developing their village or a city. They will be the one managing everything from the beginning. It includes looking after and growing the crops. Making sure that the best interests of people are your priority.…

Little Big City 2

Little Big City 2 is another game in the category of strategy and simulation where everything is in your hands. This game starts from the place you want to buy to the buildings. The lands where crops will grow. The area where primary businesses will exist. How the roads get…


Townsmen are the first installation of many that are available by this game provider and gives you the option of creating your city. This territory does not have to be a modern place where everything completes according to the requirement. People can build a medieval town, an old sanctuary, a…

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is one of the best games available on the play store and has been rated as the mobile game of the year in 2016. This game has high definition graphics and a story line that can interest anyone. We term it as a town that has been destroyed…

Virtual Town

Virtual Town by Last Day of Work, LLC is a game which is an extension of the other game Virtual Families and focuses on many things at the same time. Here you not only have to create a family of your own by adopting little babies but also have to…


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