19 Apps Like On My Own

On My Own is a game which is explained best by the name itself. It is all about survival and has to be carried out on an island which is not only beautiful but will amaze people with the wonders. On the other hand, things are tough, while you have to deal with harsh conditions, sometimes it gets tough when there is a lack of food and water or energy. Different options and sections are there in the game and played in various modes. Each one of them has difficult tasks that have to compete and puzzles to be solved, this will make sure you can reach the destination as soon as possible. Chances of getting lost suddenly while being on the right path, or hitting upon a tool that can be helpful are all part of this game. A beautiful soundtrack makes sure people can enjoy the atmosphere even more. The graphics are excellent, and the user interfaces extremely helpful. Another benefit is that there are no charges of playing this game. In a nutshell, a beneficial option for people who are into playing on their mobile phones and tablets.


Crashlands by Butterscotch Shenanigans is an adventure based game in which the user becomes a character named Flux Dabes who is a trucker who has to deliver shipments at a particular point. These shipments do not reach their destination, and that is because of Hewgodooko, who is a Lord, and…

Radiation Island

Radiation Island is a game based on survival, and we have to use our skills and guts to make sure we can reach the end. This interface is a big environment which focuses on the user being stuck in a world which is alien to them. This game is called…

Super Awesome Quest

Super Awesome Quest is the story of three individuals who have to fight with the world to get their dignity and honor back. They do so with the help of many options provided within the game and have to battle against the Undead Army, Kobolds, Bounty hunters and dangerous dragons.…

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is one of the most famous games that are available on the internet. It has been downloaded more than 6 million times and is a fun way to spend your time. It will be right to term this game as a survival battle where you have to deal…

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest VIII is the eighth installment of the action based game which has been downloaded more than 5 million times around the world. This game becomes the firs in its series that has been constructed in the 3D version and has all the details that the player needs to…

Prince of Persia: Shadow and Flame

Prince of Persia: Shadow and Flame are the newest ones in the adding adventures of the famous prince who has to fight with the unknowns and get to know more about its past. The storyline and other options within the game stay the same; the feature has enhanced to a…

The Quest

The Quest is a simple yet interactive game which bases itself on the old school grid based movement. The Prolog goes as the kingdom of Monares has been facing several difficulties over the last few years, this is because of the dark shadow which looms over the city. Governor Freymore,…

Block Story

Block Story is a game in which people have to create a world of their own and then survive by making sure all the things are in place. To do so, they will have to fight against several enemies who are after the land and crops. The user will be…

This War of Mine

This War of Mine is different from other games, while in usual ones’ people are given a role and task, which has to be fulfilled to end the game. Here, you do not play as an individual, but a group of people who have to battle hard in a city…

The Hinter Lands

The Hinter Lands is a game which can be played by more than one person at a time and forms itself on the most exciting virtual world. Here, survival and acclimatization is the main aim of the people. This game is an indie sandbox game where elements that will seem…

Second Death

Second Death is a strategy-based game in which you do not worry about the survival of others but has to protect yourself from the dangers that come your way. You have to fight in every sense, be it trying to collect food, finding a place to live when the conditions…

Royal Heroes

Royal Heroes is a role-playing game in which you are part of a kingdom that is considered cursed. Several problems are faced by the people and the city itself. There is a black magic which has harmed people a lot and other beasts that are making the life of the…

Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys is a fun game that provides people with something new to play. There are many features within it; that can be helpful and enjoyable for people who want to play it. You get to discover hundreds of different weird looking mortys in the world along with Rick and…


Terraria is a game based on the whole adventure. Here every world that exists is filled with dangers and terrors. Ensuring the survival and reaching the destination becomes the primary aim. Many features within the game will develop the interest of anyone who is playing. There is few restriction applied…

Kill Shot

Kill Shot provides people with a mission to complete. This game bases the story on the role play of a sniper that is given several tasks and have to finish on time. There is no margin of error since the target if missed can get to know and create more…

Survival Island 2017: Savage 2

Survival Island 2017: Savage 2 is the newest game from the same developers that has considerably improved. You are a person trapped on an unknown Island, and there is no hope left. Finding your way out is another thing, but survival becomes even more critical. Several kinds of animals, beasts…


BuriedTown is a game that tells the story of a place which has been Isolated. An Island where survival becomes the main thing. This game bases itself in a town where everything has been under destruction, to find your way out from the dark and see where other survivors are…

The Survivor: Rusty Forest

The Survivor: Rusty Forest is another game where people have the option of being left out in the world where protecting yourself against the unknown is the main job. Many other features within this game make it distinct from others. To get back to the real world it becomes necessary…

Vast Survival

Vast Survival is a multi-player game where you survive alone in a world with a lot of unknowns. But you are not the only one. Out there, many others like you are facing the same battle, and the user has to complete all the tasks to get back together with…


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