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Humbot is a platform that offers a customized feed of bit-sized stuff or content written by university experts to help you learn in a better way. It offers accurate reading and unbiased explanations without interrupting your day. You can easily understand the fundamental scientific concepts in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Humbot is a platform that aims to better the education in eLearning track. This site provides different science and other courses in a better and convenient way. It is an interactive learning platform that suggests you information about the problem that builds your skill and motivation level in a positive way. This site keeps on updating its stuff on a weekly basis. Humbot also adds new content two times a week. It also gives the notification to its users of this site. This platform has a tremendous amount of learners that are performing in a positive way to improve their capabilities and skills for a better future. You can get access to the courses on your mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops and PCs. This site is also available on different platforms.

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FutureLearn is an educational website that offers free courses for its users. It has a community of 6,043,682 people which are learning together on this platform. It offers a high-quality online education. It gives free online courses from top specialist and universities organizations. It offers many courses that include Business…

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Wikiversity is a Wikimedia project that offers education-related data for its users. It is an educational site that contains a huge range of different courses in different fields. Wikiversity supports learning communities, result activities, and learning materials. Its name is quite similar to that of Wikimedia and Wikipedia, but it…

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Wikibooks is a dynasty of educational related books, courses, and modules. Wikibooks was previously called Wikimedia. So Wikibooks is a Wiki made educational project created by Wikimedia Foundations. The main purpose of this website was the delivery of free educational stuff including free annotated texts and content textbooks to everyone.…

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Udacity is an educational website founded by Sabastian Thrun. It is the extension of computer course classes for free. Udacity is an excellent website through which an individual can get a lot of things to learn and do. In 2004 Georgia Institute of Technology launched the first massive online open…

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Udemy is an educational website that offers in-depth educational and other courses for everyone. Dennis Yang was the person who founded this education platform on 2010.  It is open source and online learning platform. This site puts prodigious impacts on the individuals who want to explore their abilities and passions,…

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Coursera is a website that offers world best educational courses online. It offers its library for courses without any cost. It is an educationally focused technology company established by Andrew Nd and Daphan Koller which are Stanford professors. Coursera works with different colleges and universities to offer a variety of…

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Bento.io is one of the most widely used websites that gives a full stack web development curriculum by top engineers. Bento.io contains more than 200 best tutorials on different web technology topics. There is no need to go to a bootcamp, buying a video description or get a computer science…

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Codecademy is an open source, freemium based and an online interactive platform that provides simple and distinct free coding academy in almost 12 different programming languages. These programming languages contain JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, SQL, Sass, jQuery, AngularJS and React js, as well as Markup Languages such As Hyper Text…

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Tutorialspoint is an online institute that contains freemium based tutorials and reference manuals with examples of computer fundamentals like GWT, PL/SQL Pascal, HTML5, JAVA, MySQL, C/C++, HTML, Python, XHTML, JavaScript, WiFi, SOAP, Prototype and much more. This site contains a lot of educational based information. Tutorialspoint is helpful for both…

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Lynda.com is one of the most emerging educational company that offers 5,901 courses about business, technology, and creative skills. Some prominent industry experts are teaching these courses on this educational firm. This site includes over 400 courses about Software Development, more than 600 courses related to Designing, over 900 Business…

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Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is an open source community that consists of an interactive learning web platform, an online community forum, chat room, Medium publications and local organization that intends to make web developing languages accessible to everyone, everywhere. This site is beneficial for both, beginners and experienced individuals. Free Code…

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W3Schools.com is a website that is famous for learning web technologies online. It offers a verity of languages that includes some of the popular languages like HTML (HyperText Markup Language), JavaScript, PHP (Personal Home Page), jQuery, Bootstrap, SQL (Structured Query Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). It has a lot…

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Khan Academy

khan Academy is a nonprofit educational organization created by educator Salman Khan in 2006, with a goal of making an accessible platform through which people get educated without any cost. It offers a platform where you can learn anything you want for free for rest of your life. This website…

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Algebrarules.com is the house of the rules that are used in Algebra. It provides free syllabus related to the rules about Algebra. It is the only website that offers algebra and its branches or instructions in much detail. It provides the most useful rules of basic algebra in a very…

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edX is a massive online course provider platform that hosts online university-level courses in a huge range of discipline to the extensive student body. It also conducts researches into learning about how people use this platform. This a widely used open source educational platform created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology…

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ServiceSkills.com is an online learning platform that enhances the techniques and skills to improve the customer service. It aims to focus on teamwork and manage it more efficiently. It refers to teaching employees the skills, knowledge, and competencies require for increasing the user satisfaction. This site will help your organization…

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EduCBA is a free online education platform that aims to teach you the real world skills anytime, anywhere. It offers a huge gallery of courses that includes more than 3500 online courses in Finance, Design, Data, business, and much more. It offers more than 300 courses related to Design, 800+…

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Skillshare is a great website that offers classes taught by expert practitioners. It is an online learning community for creators. It is an open-source platform founded by New York City in November 2010. Online classes can be upload on this platform by anyone who wants to teach. It is a…

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Eduson is a freemium online training and learning website. It offers interactive courses to boost up your business. This website provides classes for the best training for your employees and subordinates for the perfect business dealings. It offers some astonishing courses in various formats like virtual reality training, sales reps…

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Platzi is a widely used educational website. Through this site, you can expand your knowledge for a better future. This is an educational platform that develops your skills and passion by learning from the top of the industry leaders at your pace. Platzi is a great website to increase your…

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Bloc is an effective, interactive and freemium online platform that offers a series of online coding bootcamps in several areas including design, web development, and mobile app development. It provides a part-time web development track. It also adopted the internship model where an experienced mentor is accumulated with students. This…

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TreeHouse School is a freemium service that provides educational stuff. It is a platform that offers courses range from beginner to advance in 17 topics. It offers the most in-demand technical skills. These courses that TreeHouse offers includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, Ruby, iOS, Android, Development tools, Business, Python, and…

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SoloLearn is a learning platform that offers an enormous amount of courses and coding information on various subjects. It offers more than 80 lessons on C++ tutorials, about 70 lessons on Java tutorials, 92 lessons on Python 3 tutorials, 51 on JavaScript tutorials, more than 45 lessons on PHP tutorials,…

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OpenCourseWare Consortium

Open Education Consortium is a free educational platform that contains a huge amounted education-related material. It is a teamwork of higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world. It aims to create a deep and broad body of open educational content using a shared model. This platform was…

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TheLearnia is a free platform that offers latest news, valuable content, ideas and guides that will help a teacher to flip his classroom. This site provides online whiteboard that helps teachers to create amazing and awesome video lessons in minutes, stored them in the cloud and share that videos with…

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Harvard Open Courses

Harvard Open Courses is a source that provides World-class online learning opportunities. This site offers the podcasts and lectures to fully interactive programs and courses. This portal provides a gateway for everyone to access Harward’s extensive learning content. It provides basic lectures about Law, Business, Global Earth, Education, Leadership, Justice,…

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Lernabit is a robust studying and note taking application that helps you learn and remember the topics that are important for you. This platform allows you to take notes, remember them and share this knowledge with the other individuals. It gives you a choice to protect you notes as privately…

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