35 Apps Like Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot is another breathtaking puzzle game by Disney that focuses on two things. First, one being the solving skills of the person who is playing the game and the second one being the fact that it takes you on an adventure like no other competitor. It takes the user in the world of frozen to experience new and intuitive competitions. All the characters from the main movie are within the game, and the user gets to utilize them according to personal choice. These include Queen Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and snow goes. Key features of the game include taking aim and throwing snowballs at the enemy through a powerful snow cannon. Getting to enjoy more than a hundred levels within the kingdom of Arendale. Joining Olaf on a journey through summer with exclusive rewards. Boosters exist within the game and help the user to get more points and complete levels at a fast speed. People also get power-ups if they can catch them and include super aim, booster blaster, and sun blast. Bonus points and the option of playing the game with your friends in the multi-player mode gives it the edge over others and therefore is worth trying.

Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go is a puzzle-based game that takes the user on an adventure of a lifetime. The first thing to know about the game is that it is not free, people have to pay a small amount so that all the features become accessible. The cost is minimal and…

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Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix is an award winning game by Waner Bros. International Enterprises that brings creativity and imagination to one place. The theme of the game is simple where the user has to use their brain to solve many mysteries such as finding a thing, creating an object, bringing something to…

Where’s my Perry?

Where’s my Perry? Is an amazing game in the upcoming Physics-based puzzle series from the creators of this game. You have to help the agent P to get into the headquarters for the mission briefing by guiding steam or water to empower his secret transportation support. You can easily transform…

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Where’s My Mickey?

Where’s My Mickey? is a brand new game in the series of puzzles by Disney and provides new options and adventure to the user. You get to join Mickey on a new adventure through the most popular franchise of mobile gaming. The game basis itself on physics laws and real…

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is one of the most famous puzzle based games available on the internet. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 which shows how quickly it has gained the applaud, even though it is a new one in the market. The theme is simple where the user…


Prune is a puzzle based game that was named game of the year by Time Magazine in 2015. If this is not enough to gain the attention, then for sure the features will be. This game is a love letter to trees and basis itself on the process of cultivation.…

Light House

Light House by Banana Development is a game based on physics and its laws where the user gets to play with several exciting features to make sure everything becomes interesting. Many options within the interface exist that make this experience a lot more fun. You get to solve several tough…

Brain it on the truck!

Brain it on the truck! Is a game developed by WoogGames and makes the world of puzzle based category much more classical. Here the person does not require to put the missing pieces in the right place but has to draw their way to the new levels. The task is…

Brain On: Dot Physics

Brain On; Dot Physics is a game that is explained correctly by the name itself. A puzzle based game that is unlike any other. The task to perform seems simple where the person playing has to draw a dot on the screen to make sure the ball reaches the cup…

Brain Dots

Brain Dots is a new and exciting game in the field of puzzles where the task at hand is simple. The user has to make sure that the two balls which are red and blue in color bump into each other. To make this happen, you have to draw lines…

Brain it On! Physics Puzzles

Brain it On! Physics Puzzles is a game that tests your knowledge and skills along the way. The tasks may look simple and the person playing gets the idea that nothing complicated will require, but that isn’t true. More than just drawing shapes to complete the task, it makes use…

Evo Explores

Evo Explores by Stampede Game is a new puzzle based game. It has recently been introduced but has quickly gained the applauds from people who have played it. The game play scenario is pure; then it is of importance. If you do not see something, then for sure everything is…

Ghosts of Memories

Ghosts of Memories by Paplus International Sp. Zoo. Is a puzzle game that bases itself on the memories of a ghost. One other category in which we can place it is an adventure. Six different worlds exist for the user to explore, and they do so while solving around 21…

Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is another game that lets you enjoy physics based, single player, and puzzle gameplay. Using this app, you will enjoy some amazing real-time feature to spend your time in a fun way. You have to Swampy by guiding the water to his broken shower. It offers many…

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Dream Machine – The Game

Dream Machine – The Game is a beautiful puzzle game that will become one of your favorite. It bases itself on a mythical dream machine that can do various things but the most important being the brain where several mysteries are solved. The story line of the game is such…


Mekorama is a simple puzzle based game where everything is placed in a simple manner to make sure most fun on offer. Game play is relaxing where the person playing does not have to deal with something fancy. It is just the mind and the options laid out in front…

Deux Ex GO – Puzzle Challenge

Deux Ex GO – Puzzle Challenge is a game self-explained by the name where you face several challenging problems to reach the destination. The first thing to know about the game is that there are charges of installing and downloading it but are minimal. You just have to pay $1…

The Room

The Room is the first part of the great reality based puzzle game in which the user gets trapped in a room filled with physics marvels and has to find his way out. To do this, several actions that require proper understanding and working knowledge of the subject is critical.…

The Room Two

The Room Two is the second part of the most famous reality based game in the category of puzzles and comes with several improvements made on the previous version. It is bigger in size and requires proper space on the phone. Only the versions above 4.4 in the Android devices…

The Room Three

The Room Three is the latest part of the award-winning series in reality based puzzle games. Another room full of adventure and mystery, the main improvements in this game include a proper training session and background information. Play time is much longer and therefore, becomes, an automatic choice for the…

Can you Escape the 100 Room 1

Can you Escape the 100 Room 1 is a classic puzzle-based game which tests imagination and management skills of the user. What makes this game interesting is that all the hints are provided at appropriate times, whenever a person finds trapped and does not have any way to go, pressing…

Escape the Prison Adventure

Escape the Prison Adventure is a new and straightforward to play the game in the category of puzzle-based games. Where the user has to escape the prison by solving several tasks and riddles along with puzzles. The story is interesting, where you are a prisoner, and there is proper surveillance…

High School Escape

High School Escape is a puzzle based game developed by Goblin LLC. In this, the person acts as a freshman who gets trapped in a classroom and now has to make sure they can escape on time without any trouble. But that isn’t so easy to do, with many hurdles…

Spotlight: Room Escape

Spotlight: Room Escape is a new game and has quickly made its mark as one of the exciting puzzle games. The story line is that a person who was a famous hero and solved many mysteries over the years has now trapped in a room. Something bad has happened, he…

Back to Bed

Back to Bed is a 3D puzzle game developed by Bedtime Digital Games that takes the person playing in a unique and beautiful world in the indie games. The story line is simple, Bob is a guy who loves to dream, and in those dreams, sleepwalks a lot. Now it…

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Scribblenauts Unlimited is a game developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. The game bases itself on solving various puzzles in the atmosphere of real characters of the enterprise. It is the world where the most powerful tool becomes a person’s imagination. Navigating from one place to the other, dealing with…

Can You Escape

Can You Escape is one of the simplest games in the puzzle based scenario where the user gets to enjoy several exciting options and test their solving abilities. The purpose of the game is simple; you have to break out of the room. All the levels are arranged properly with…

100 Doors Journey

100 Doors Journey is one of the most exciting and robust games that exist in the category of the puzzle and is developed by ZENFOX Games. Just by the name a person gets the idea that has a hundred levels, meaning that the one playing gets to enjoy an extended…

GoM – Adventure Puzzle Game

GoM – Adventure Puzzle Game is the demo version of the famous game and comes in which several features that will make the person addicted. The play interface is designed properly keeping in mind that it could offer a lot more to people who want to enjoy the same thing…

100 Doors of Revenge

100 Doors of Revenge is a puzzle based game explained correctly by the name. The person playing the game gets to use their brain to solve the problems and also to face new adventures in a never ending list. The actual room which has a lot of items that might…

Can You Escape 2

Can You Escape 2 is the second installment of the game with the game name and comes with a lot of new options and scenarios. The place is different, and the items that help in reaching the end are new, the theme gets overlooked in this one, and some purchases…

Can you Escape the 50 rooms 2

Can you Escape the 50 rooms 2 is the next version of the game developed by FunnyTimeDay. Each room within the game has new secrets that need exploration and solution before the user moves on to the next place. Nothing in these resemble the ones provided in the previous versions…

Can You Escape Haunted Room 2?

Can You Escape Haunted Room 2? is a game developed for people who like mystery, thrill, and adventure that the same time. It is simple, where the user gets trapped in a dark room, and nothing is visible, it is up to them to make sure all the hurdles complete…

You Must Escape

You Must Escape by Mobest Media is a puzzle game that brings along several exciting options that you will need to enjoy. The view in the contest is the first person who means the person playing gets to see everything from their own perceptive. Many other features of the game…

UNCHARTERED: Fortune Hunter

UNCHARTERED: Fortune Hunter by PlayStation Mobile Inc. is an original action based puzzling adventure of Nathan Drake who is on a journey to solve the most famous mysteries of the world. His other aim is to uncover the treasures that have disappeared with the pirates who had them. Primary features…


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