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EmailTray gives a good account of itself with the help of several options that will make anyone want to use this platform. It is free to use so that means you will not have to pay anything in order to avail all the features. The user interface is perhaps the biggest let down, where everything seems roughly managed. All the mails are shown collectively on the home page which makes it easier for the user to check the latest stuff. Another benefit of using this app is that people are able to link multiple email accounts at one place. There is also the facility of getting push notifications whenever a new mail is received while accounts can be synched properly in order to get the latest stuff. There are many options for the layout, the user can link multiple emails to show one the same page, or they can mix all the stuff into one to make sure all the latest content from all the accounts is shown. These ones along with many other tools which are available in this application that can benefit people but overall, it can be used as your main email manager on your phones.

Newton Mail

Netwon, which was previously known as CloudMagic is a subscription service for email accounts which has many tools that will make your email accounts and checking stuff a lot more fun. It is a place which allows people to manage their mails from different accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook…

Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is an interactive tool which makes life a lot easier for people who want to manage their email accounts. There are times when you receive an email which is important but is lost in the bulk of other stuff present on the account. This app makes sure…


myMail is a versatile tool which allows people to manage all their emailing accounts at one place. This helps people who need to keep several emailing platforms in order to carry out different tasks. This can include personal email, work email and business account. Here you will get real time…


Mail.Ru is an email client app developed by Mail.Ru Inc. This app offers the option of adding all the mailboxes with it from all the vendor companies. It provides full synchronization, which means the user can share its data with multiple mailboxes at the same time and not only data…

Email TypeApp

Email TypeApp is one of the best email management systems which are available on the internet. It has many tools which can be beneficial for the people who want to have a platform where they can manage everything without too much hassle. The best part about this place is that…

Email Mail Box

Email Mail Box is an application which defines itself by the name. A place where individuals can manage all their content which they receive in the form of email. This gives them the option of linking multiple places at one place so you do not have to keep all the…

K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is a free email service which has been used for linking multiple accounts at the same time. There are many tools in the platform which can be helpful for people who want one place to manage all their accounts at the same time. The main drawback of this…

Blue Mail

Blue Mail is the email app with the beautiful interface. It is a universal email provider app; the user can operate all sort of emails. It is compatible with most of the popular email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, iCloud, Office365, GoDaddy, AOL, and Outlook, etc. This app has…

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Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is an Android based email app developed by Kostya Vasilyev. The app has the simple and alluring interface. The blistering feature of the app which makes it a bit different from the other email apps is that the app has the unique ability to split the inbox date…

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GMX Mail

GMX Mail is an application where people can get the best experience with all their email accounts at one place. The user interface is better than most apps where you can see all the options laid out at one place, it also makes for a good viewing for people who…

ASUS Email

ASUS Email is a tool which will become your best companion whenever you want to link multiple email accounts at one place. The best part is that it works on all the android versions and gives people with a lot of options which can make their life easier. There are…

Wise Mai Client

Wise Mai Client is a universal email client which is more suited for people who have original email accounts on MSM or Outlook. This app allows them to login from other accounts which are made on other networks such as Gmail or Yahoo. There are many features of the app…

VMWare Boxer

VMWare Boxer is a which allows individuals to manage their email accounts in an easy manner. There are many options in the app which are more than just seeing your email. People can get to use the calendar where they can even add tasks which are important or coming events…


WeMail is an email client app developed by Kale Interactive. WeMail works with the most popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and AOL. The app is specially designed for mobile phone and is quite lighter on the device. Voice messaging service is available in the app to the user.…

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MailDroid is one of the oldest platforms which are providing people with the option of managing their accounts at one place. Initially it was just an app for Blackberry mobiles but now has introduced other versions where you can have a proper email account where all other accounts can be…

WPS Mail

WPS Mail is one of the top clients where people can manage all their email accounts without having the trouble of installing multiple applications. This application allows people to see the read receipts whenever they send an email. Other features include snooze, which is a beep whenever someone send an…

Sol Mail

Sol Mail – All in One Email application is self-explanatory platform where you can manage all your content with the help of powerful tools. The user interface is interactive where you can see all the accounts at one place. The user just has to click on the email account to…

ALTO Email

ALTO Email is a place where people can organize their email with the help of interactive tools that have been provided for everyone without any additional charges. There are many features of this app which can be listed here to show its versatility but the main one is that all…

Libero Email

Libero Email is the best place to manage multiple email accounts, according to the developer. The main benefit of this app is that it is free to use so you can avail all the features without having to pay anything. Once you connect all the accounts, it will help to…

ProfiMail Go

ProfiMail Go – email client is a versatile tool where people can manage multiple emailing accounts without having to do much thinking. There are multiple configuration options and most services such as IMAP, POP3 and Exchange can be linked here. Further options include the tags which can be added on…

Melwin Mail HD

Melwin Mail HD – Email Client is a high class email account management application where you can do a lot of things with your emails and the multiple accounts which have been linked. The best part is that you can sync all the email at one place, this means people…

[email protected] Mail

[email protected] Mail is one of the most advanced tools which are available on the app market because of its versatility. There are many features of the app which can show how useful it can be for the users. This can help them sync all of them at one place so…


In1Mail (Email Clients In One) is an application which can be easily understood by the name. It is a place where people can manage their email accounts with the help of powerful tools. of tags which keep all the relative emails at one place. You can also get the basic…


MailForSure, private email is one of the best places that can exist in the internet market for managing your email accounts. There are many benefits of this platform which will be listed here. The user interface is interactive where you can see all the accounts at one place. The user…

Bird Mail

Bird Mail Email App lets people manage their email accounts according to personal choice by providing feature which are not there in any other application. It is a place which allows people to manage their mails from different accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and many more. This application allows…


Spark is the email client app developed by Readdle. Readdle is a favorite company that provides quality apps for the documentation purposes. Spark has tremendous outlook and interface that captures the attention of the user at the 1st glimpse. As it is for iOS, so its design perfectly suits the…

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Email Exchange +

Email Exchange + by Mail Wise is one of the simplest yet powerful tools when it comes to finding an app where people can manage multiple accounts for home and office. This app allows them to login from other accounts which are made on other networks such as Gmail or…


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