19 Apps Like Dragon Craft

Dragon Craft is a game that has gained instant popularity in the field of arcade since it is distinctive from others. There is the world which can be created by the user and then they have to defend their cities from dragons and other beasts. These and used for playing purposes and cost a few quids, but to do so, you will be required to make purchases. The game itself is free of cost, and you do not have to pay anything, but when it comes to buying stuff, there is a necessity. People also have the option of creating their characters and buildings just like other games. There are various locations such as forest, winter, heaven and hell to give the user something unique. New achievements can be unlocked once you keep on crossing levels. Items like weapons and armor constructed on your own with the help of blocks. People get a daily bonus and other rewards in the form of coins, and they can be used to buy stuff. There is variety in the kind of blocks that are used to create buildings and two game modes exist, that include survival mode and creative mode.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is one of the most famous games presents on the play store and is owned by Mojang. This game falls into the category of the arcade in which people have the option of creating a small world of their own with the help of building blocks. People…

Adventure with Companions

Adventure with Companions is a game that has developed through the inspiration from Minecraft. The main aim of this game is to create a world of your own with the help of feature that exists within the match. The interesting thing about this game is that people can either choose…

Block Build

Block Build defines itself by the owner as a game in which you can use the tools to make the world according to your choice. There are no such limits within the game, and you will enjoy it more if your mind is working properly. That is the only condition…


BlockWorld by Felix Blaschke is a game which can get a lot of credit because of the options it has provided. Although the game has not been updated for a few years now, it is still a fun way to spend your quality time. The interesting thing about it is…

Windows Phone
Block Craft 3D: Building Game

Block Craft 3D: Building Game has lots of options within the building block games that has been downloaded the most times in the year 2016. Some of the features that make this game worth downloading are as follows. There are several types of construction options available for people to use;…

Block World: Pixel Craft

Block World: Pixel Craft, created by Free Craft Survival is another adventure based game where people have the option of creating their world and fight against the ones who want to destroy it. Although the game is slow to play, many features make it worth using. There will be extreme…

FreeCraft HD

FreeCraft HD is another exciting game where people are allowed to create a world of their own. The best thing about it is that there are no charges of using it, people can download it on their devices and start using all the feature that exist. That said, there are…

Block City Wars

Block City Wars may seem like a game which is similar to Minecraft, but the only similarity they have is that the game bases itself on characters that are in the block form. Everything else is much more unique and exciting. The best thing about the game is that there…

Can You Escape – Craft

Can You Escape – Craft is a game that brings something in the gaming world of blocks. Where most of the other games provide you with tools to create a dynasty of your own, there the user has to do a little more. This game, just as the name suggests…

Winter Craft 3: Mine Build

Winter Craft 3: Mine Build is the new game in this category where the user is allowed to create and build the stuff they require. Different modes can be selected; this includes playing with the computer or with other people that are your friends. Several new resources also exist, which…


Delver is a game that is unique in the way because of several options present within it. It is just a single player game, and that by no means is a disadvantage. It is the main reason this game is preferred. It word son the simple principle, the user is…

Discovery LITE

Discovery LITE prides itself on being distinctive based on the graphics and user interface provided along with the game. It relies on the same principle of the Minecraft game in which the user has to create a world of their own from the tools listed on the main menu. All…


Guncrafter is a spinoff of the original game. While in others people are allowed to build stuff such as houses, trees, tombs and towers, here the user can use all their skills to create the guns of their choice. There are several kinds of building blocks that can be utilized…

Jurassic Craft

Jurassic Craft is another exciting game in the field of craft where the user has the facility of playing and creating several kinds of reptiles. They have dragons or dinosaurs to play with and have to survive through the jungle. Some of the many features of this game include many…

Dino Jurassic Craft: Evolution

Dino Jurassic Craft: Evolution is a new game in the category of crafts but can expand your imagination. The interesting thing about this game is that people can either choose to play it on their own or play it with other friends and in that way, help to complete the…

My Builder

My Builder by Space Walrus Studios is a commercial game which costs around $2 at most. Many features within the game will help to complete the tasks at fast speeds; some are free while for others some payment is required. Another good thing about it is the graphics that have…

RealmCraft – Survive & Craft

RealmCraft – Survive & Craft is another game in the same category of existing mind games where the user has to create new stuff and survive in the one which is already existing. Several new resources which include armor, weapons, tools, blocks, greenery and other things keep the game active.…

RunCraft – Thrones

RunCraft – Thrones is a game in which the user has to act as an escaper. This game summarizes itself in the way that the crown of the king disappears in front you eyes, and now you have to run to save the crown and own self. The king is…

Wonder Craft PE

Wonder Craft PE is a game unique to iPhone users where they can install it and play another crafty item. This game is one of the very few who do not cost anything in the Apple store, but some of the features require money to be spent. They can even…


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