23 Apps Like Cut the Rope: Experiment

Cut the Rope: Experiment is a fun platform that lets you enjoy an intuitive game-play. It is a widely used app, which is based on the principle of cutting the ropes. It has a scientific theme and lets you start with a new character named The Professor, who adds a commentary to your game-play, and berating you when you fail and prizing you when you do great. Cut the Rope: Experiments is a nice interactive release to the Cut the Rope that reminding us the tutorial approach to Little Big Planet. Cut the Rope: Experiments offers 125 levels with a set of five gorgeous designed worlds. And you will find it pretty simple and easy to get through all these levels. Each level offers a minute difference than the previous one. It also features different achievements to unlock a story that involves gathering pieces of the photo to discover who The Professor really is, in the game. This game also introduced Om Nom Cartoons player into the game with three superpowers for free.

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Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a widely played game which is Puzzle-based, single player video games series developed by ZaptoLab. It is the first edition in the series published by Chillingo in 2010. There are many exciting features in this interesting game. The main objective of Cut the Rope is to…

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Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 is another game of the exciting series. It is a single player, physics based video game developed and published by ZaptoLab, and Chillingo respectively. It is a direct sequel to cut the rope and provides a similar type of mechanics and gameplay. It is an awesome…

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Spider Jack

Spider Jack is an amazing physics-based puzzle video gaming app that offers Jack the Spider as the main character of this game. Spider Jack have to collect some flies by cutting threads like the web. So he hangs upside down, and the player that plays this game helps him collecting…

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Catch the Candy

Catch the Candy is a widely used game. You just have to help the Blue Critter catch the different candies piece. You can use tapping and swipe to move the Blur Critter. You can move him for by latching into the candy and some other objects. In this game, you…

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Where’s My Head?

Where’s My Head? is another widely used physics based puzzle and video game by Top Free Games. This game used to play with some skeleton type head which is tied up with one, or more than one chains. For collecting three golden coins, the user must cut the skeleton head…

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Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a great app for game lovers. It is s physics-based app for single player only. Using this app, the user can enjoy a smooth and soft gameplay for some entertaining purpose. Join the Om Nom (which is the main character of this game) as…

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Rope ‘n’ Fly 4

Rope ‘n’ Fly 4 is an amazing game which is physics-based puzzle video spirit, introduced by Djinnworks GmbH. It is a sequel to the best-selling game named Rope ‘n’ Fly 4. The newer version of this app is more interesting and eye catching than the previous one, so that you…

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Contre Jour

Contre Jour is an app that is blurring the lines between the interactive art and game. It is a beautiful world shaped by The Interplay of darkness and light. This app lets you use your finger to morph the landscape, which is propelling the mysterious creature Petit of safety. Tap,…

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Greedy Spider

Greedy Spider is an app that mixed meal, a new scenario with some new levels. Greedy Spiders has come to town, and they are prepared on dining their friendly neighbors. It is a game depends upon your intelligence, and you use your mind to solve the puzzles game and prevents…

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Make a Rope

Make a Rope is a physics-based Puzzle video gaming app designed for those players who love to play some puzzle like games. This is a widely played game and have its players from all over the world. This game only supports single player mode. This is an interesting game that…

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Cut the Chain

Cut the Chain is an addictive game that lets you enjoy some of its amazing features. Using this app, you will enjoy a real time physics-based and single player gameplay. This game features a cute and small monkey that demands bananas. The whole game takes place in a jungle and…

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Cut the String

Cut the String is an awesome action, physics game puzzle game that lets you play in a single player mode. This game is available on Android platform only. This game includes many fun activities and is developed by Game Squared. It lets you immerse yourself in rope cutting experience, and…

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Cute Cat Cut Rope

Cute Cat Cut Rope is a Physics-based, Puzzle and Single player game that lets you play with some handy features. It offers the similar gameplay just like cut the rope, developed by Dev Evil. It offers one hundred levels, each with more difficult than the previous. Your main task in…

Where’s my Perry?

Where’s my Perry? Is an amazing game in the upcoming Physics-based puzzle series from the creators of this game. You have to help the agent P to get into the headquarters for the mission briefing by guiding steam or water to empower his secret transportation support. You can easily transform…

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Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is another game that lets you enjoy physics based, single player, and puzzle gameplay. Using this app, you will enjoy some amazing real-time feature to spend your time in a fun way. You have to Swampy by guiding the water to his broken shower. It offers many…

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Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune is an award winning gaming platform where you hunt down the mysterious thief and the cunning that stole your gold. It offers some beautifully hand-crafted and exciting levels for the sake of fun and brings the life of Leo on his epic adventure. Leo’s Fortune is so special…

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Cut the Rope HD

Cut the Rope HD is a physics-based, a single player gaming platform that supports high resolution and optimal experience of the gaming world. This game offers a high class in graphics, and you can enjoy both the attractive sounds and amazing high-quality graphics. It has a huge fan following so…

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Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja Free is an awesome game which contains lots of fruits and lets you cut these fruits with swipes on your mobile’s screen without hitting the bomb. It is so easy to play this game so that Fruit Ninja is enjoyed by billions of people from all over the…

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Blast Monkeys

Blast Monkeys is an amazing stuff in the gaming zone, and you can play this game with a cute monkey. The monkey is seeking for some bananas hanging out there. The monkey comes from a cannon, and for clearing that particular level, you have to pick all the bananas throwing…

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King of Thieves

King of Thieves is a game that helps you vanish in the mystery of exciting gaming. It is launched from the creators of the game Cut The Ropes; they launched a new great adventurous game. In this game, you have to steal the gold from other players around the world.…

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Puzzle Game

Puzzle Game is a widely played game which is marvelous in its featuring capabilities. It is a stunning app that lets you spend your time in a fun way and is available for iOS, Windows Phone, and some other platforms. This app consists of many levels, and each level is…

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Hambo is a story telling the game that is based on some heroines that do not come back after the victory of the war. And a hero has made his way to getting them back and take the revenge. It offers more than 200 exciting new levels, and each level…

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TripTrap is a new puzzle game introduced by the creators of iSlash. It offers some unique features that make this game more interesting and popular among others. TripTrap is awesome casual, a puzzle game that provides a fun way to spend some leisure time. The little Ched is very hungry…

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