18 Apps Like Cartoon Camera

Cartoon Camera helps you make some funky images in a fun way. There are lots of amazing filters and effects that transform your photos into real-time cartoony stuff. Using this app, you can apply some awesome funky filters to your pics to make them jolly and funny. This app is widely used due to some of its amazing features, and people use this app for making their as well as their friend’s photos funny and entertaining. This app is filled with cool features to create sketch and cartoon like photography using your mobile phone’s camera. Cartoon Camera offers real-time cartoon effects includes cartoon, color drawing, Sepia, white stokes, colored edges, dark stokes, pencil sketches and many others. Rather than this, it enables you to use adjustable edge strength, adjustable color sensitivity or saturation, save images quickly by a single tap, supports autofocus (you can tap anywhere on the screen), supports camera flash, supports the front or rare camera, and this app can be installed to SD. You can save edited images easily to external and internal storage under the Cartoon Camera folder. While on the other hand it also includes 70 cartoon FX, 60 minutes recording availability, and Gangnam style frames, etc. and easily share them with your friends.

Paper Camera

Paper Camera is an app that lets you see the world with real time painting and cartoon effects on your mobile camera. This app lets you see things with the stylish, new, captivating, and original lens. It offers an ultimate collection of comic book, cartoon, sketch, half tone, neon, noir,…

Simple Camera

Simple Camera is a simple but effective camera app that is usable both for taking photos and recording videos. You can switch with between rare and front camera and make photos or record your memories from the camera you want. The flash can be turned off and on, so rather…


Camera+ is a widely used app for making your photos more attractive. It is an amazing camera app that has lots of professional cameras and some other marvelous features. It offers a classic photo filter camera effects, photo post processing effects, and fashion camera appearance. All the stuff that can…


Vignette is a fully featured camera app with lots of unique features. It is an amazing app with more than 70 customizable photo filters, self-timer, digital zooming function, timestamps, and hundreds of frame combinations. It offers some extraordinary features that make this app unique from others. Its camera styles include…

Sketch Cam

Sketch Cam is available to give your photos a blow of real-time cartoon and sketch effects. You just have to take a photo and apply the effect that you want on your pic to make them a realistic sketch look. It offers a huge number of realistic effects that enhance…

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App is a robust app that lets you edit your photos using tons of features. This app enables its users to transform their smartphone pic to make them look like they are taken from DSLR, Canon, or Nikon. There are long listed features of this app with…

Paint Lab

Paint Lab is a widely used app for clarifying the beauty of your memorable images in a distinct and classy way. This app lets you apply filters, FX, effects, adjust colors, enhancements, temper, corners, and edges, and edit your photos in a way you want. You can easily transform your…


SketchBook is a cartoony app that transforms your photos into real-time intuitive painting and drawing. There are lots of amazing features of this app that helps you edit your images in a classy way. You can easily make your photos more precise and store them. It creates paint and line…

Camera By Google

Camera By Google is a camera app launched by Google. Using this app, you can easily make videos and photos anywhere and innovatively edit them by its great features and functions. Camera By Google is a widely used app that enables its users to take photos even while shooting videos.…

Hi Selfie Camera

Hi Selfie Camera is an Android camera app that lets its users create images and edit them in a great way. You can use this camera for making your pictures more classy and eye catching for storing some unforgettable moments of your life. Hi Selfie Camera is a great app…

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is a great app that transforms your photos into cool and marvelous images. It is a professional camera editor that lets its users make and edit pics in an innovative and classy way as putting DSLR-like controls at your fingertips. It has an amazing display that attracts its…


Polamatic is a program that modifies your image in a classy way. This app lets you use your mobile phone’s camera and make extraordinary photos by editing them using some marvelous filters. It provides a great range of filter, effects, and FX that when an implement of your photo, makes…

Magic Hour

Magic Hour is an app that lets you transform your ordinary photos into exceptional, extraordinary ones. It is an app that makes your memories more precious and stunning. It dynamically enhances your pics using more than 40 filters and turns your pictures into an artwork by using a variety of…


Roidizer is a photo editor app for Android smartphones. You can convert your ordinary photos into some amazing stuff. It is a missing photo editor app on Android and is one of the simplest camera apps you ever have. This app lets you create your instant photos like as in…

Night Camera

Night Camera is a widely used camera that makes its usage at night time. People use this camera app in their night parties for getting an awesome real-time result of their pics. This app grew up into a better camera. Night Camera is a fully featured app with tons of…


Lo-Mob is an awesome app that gives a retro look to your photos and allows you to become a professional pic editor using some simple steps. Just launch the app, choose to take a pic or to get one (that you already made) through your gallery and make it a…

Polaroid Instant Cam

Polaroid Instant Cam is an amazing stuff in editing your photos with some unique spells of filter etc. It brings some amazing features that and makes your memories more attractive and awesome. It lets you live record and share instantly. Using this camera app, you can easily edit your pics…


Hipstamatic is a widely used camera app that offers a classy stuff in editing your photos. Just shoot your beautiful memories and innovatively edit them. There is a huge community of people using this app on their iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad Touch, iPad mini and many others). It…

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