33 Apps Like 100 Doors Challenge

100 Doors Challenge is a game which is unique because of the features if offers to the users. It is a puzzle based competition where the user has to solve all the problems they face in a room, collect the secret data provided with the help of tools and then move the elevator to the next floor. It becomes evident from the name that there are a hundred levels within the platform and therefore people who want to have a longer play time will enjoy the game more. Another interesting thing about the game is that people will be able to move from one option to the other without any trouble, they just have to click and generate the item required. Mechanics is another factor related, all the objects combine with each other in a natural manner. Things move in the space and movements in time are real. Finding the clues related to hidden items and locating them is fun. The primary goal of the user is to escape through the door and then reach their destination. New stuff gets added on a regular basis that keeps the interest of the user going. All in all, an excellent game in the puzzle category that does not cost even a single penny.

Hitman GO

Hitman GO is a puzzle based game that is one of the best-rated ones on the play store. This turn based game come with interactively rendered pieces set in diorama style and the person playing has to place these pieces. To do that, they require fixed grid spaces and avoid…


Scribbling is not only a puzzle game but also a fun one which provides people with a simple yet compelling tool to have. Based on the fairy tale world where the user has to find its way to the end makes for an impressive view. The style of play is…


hocus. Is a game based on perceptive illusions and is in the form of puzzles. This game includes various tight shapes and intricate drawings. The best thing about the game is that there no ads, this is something new for a game which is free of cost and does not…

Can You Escape – Fear House

Can You Escape – Fear House is a puzzle based game developed by Best Escape Games and is a new one in the market. The theme is simple where the primary task for anyone playing is that they have to unlock each door that comes in the way and then…

100 Doors 2

100 Doors 2 is the second edition of the competition with the same name and brings with it several exciting features that were not present in the previous ones. The name is easy to decipher, around hundred levels full of puzzle and suspense are available for the user to enjoy. …

100 Doors 3

100 Doors 3 is the third edition of the game with the same name and brings with it several exciting features that were not present in the previous two versions. The feature which has improved the most is the graphics, they are high-quality ones in this game and provide people…

Two Dots

Two Dots is a simple yet famous game present on the internet where people get to join two dots of different colors with each other. The game may sound pretty simple, but that is not the case, combining the two balls is not an easy task, proper knowledge and information…

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the top rated games on play store. It develops on the old interface where the user gets to combine various pieces along the way to complete a picture. The best thing about the game is that there are around 20,000 such images available that…

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzle is another game in the category of puzzles which brings to light the old table based system of completing a topic and hence the picture. The competition focuses itself on people who want to have an application just like a simple real life puzzle. No mystery, no…

Diggy’s Adventure

Diggy’s Adventure is a game rated one of the tops most in the paid category. It comes with several options, but the main thing about it is the amount. It costs around $5 and does not have a free version. The game basis itself on the adventures of Diggy, professor,…

Rube’s Lab – Physics Puzzle

Rube’s Lab – Physics Puzzle is a game best described by its name. A place where getting knowledge becomes fun with the help of interactive world. The theme is interesting where the user has to save the rube’s lab with the aid of their imagination and planning from Dr. Evil…

Brain Puzzle Mathes

Brain Puzzle Mathes is a new game in the market, and although it is not as famous as some of the others, many options within it make sure people have an enjoyable time. The theme is fun, people get a problem based on the diagram, and they have to come…

Escape Titanic

Escape Titanic is a game explained exactly by the name itself. Here the person playing has to move from one place to another on the Titanic Ship to save their life. If they are not able to complete the task on time, it means they will drown with all other…

Escape Game – Farm Escape 2

Escape Game – Farm Escape 2 is another puzzle based game where the primary task of the person playing is to ensure they survive out of the farm safely. This game is not that famous and therefore gives people something new. Some errors within the match exist such as tools…

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a different kind of game than the one present on the play store. Here the user gets to design their underground train or city bus system so that the problems of the city are solved. New issues come on view with time, and it becomes the responsibility…

Human Resource Machine

Human Resource Machine is a game based on puzzles, and all the activates related to it. This game is the story of a machine that has to perform several tasks so that everything stays in order. More than 100 puzzles are part of the play which provides proper game time…

Sprinkle Island

Sprinkle Island is a game based on an exciting idea combined with the usual puzzle based skills. In the near future pollution will take over the world and it, therefore, becomes necessary for the sprinkler to ensure the safety. The village of Titan is under danger, garbage is thrown on…

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow might seem like a harsh and variable game, but it is just like any other simple game. Here the primary task is to come out of the haunted house without getting damaged. It basis itself on darkness, therefore, making sure that everything looked at properly,…

Regained Castle

Regained Castle is the story of a princess who has been thrown out of her home after the evil sergeant kills her parents. After several years she wants to return home and do so with the help of the user. She comes back with renewed hope and after gaining several…

Davey’s Mystery

Davey’s Mystery is a game that falls into the category of adventure and puzzles at the same time. It basis itself on point selection where the user is trapped in a house and now has to find out several secrets about things before the escape become possible. The story line…

Davey’s Mystery 2

Davey’s Mystery 2 is the second edition of the bout with the same name where the user gets to solve stuff along with adventure and puzzles. The story basis itself on the person called Davey who bought new property and has left it in your hands again. This time it…


YANKAI’S TRIANGLE is a game that is hard to categorize because it is different from any other kind. The theme is interesting where the user has to spin various kinds of triangles and play with them. Each one of them is different in color and requires proper spinning before they…

Dark Echo

Dark Echo is an exciting and unique game in the puzzle category. While most games focus on the ability of a person to see things that are hidden and decode secrets, this one deals with the sound effects. The user has to make use of visual sounds to move from…

God of Light HD

God of Light HD is a game full of levels based on celestial, stone, azure, frozen and space words. Based on the puzzles of physics with a unique environment and exclusive features that are not part of other games. One of the main advantages of having this game is that…

Unblock me!

Unblock me! Is a simple and addictive game that provides people with simple puzzles to solve. The primary purpose of anyone who plays is that they have to unlock the red block out of the board. This action gets done by moving the other blocks out of the way, they…

Tree Planet

Tree Planet is a small puzzle game that catches the imagination of people who want to play it. Although it is new in the market but has become one of the top paid games in the category. That shows, this game does not come free, although it does have a…


Hook is a simple game that will keep everyone hooked! It gives people an experience they have never felt before. One of the best things about it is that people do not have to go through the trouble of solving one thing after the other. It is basic; all the…


FRAMED by Noodlecake Studios Inc is an award winning game that has made puzzles a lot more enjoyable. The best thing about it is the graphics which are top quality and one of the reason it has won many awards. The design is laid out properly with full fusions and…

The Lost City

The Lost City by Fire Maple Games is a puzzle based platform that comes with adventure and suspense. The story revolves around the grandchild who is in search of a lost city, his grandma told him about it, but no one else believed her. It was a long time when…


Klocki is the second part of the famous puzzle game hook, everything about the game is the same, except the challenges that a person has to face. Developed by Rainbow train, the game presents itself in a beautiful manner and gives people a lot to do within the time. Perhaps…


Rescue the Enchanter came with two main versions, the free and paid one. The first does not cost anything, and people get to enjoy the basic features available for everyone. The latter comes with wide-ranging variety and costs just $4. Several features within the game make it more attractive to…

Chronology – Time Changes

Chronology – Time Changes is a game based on an adventure where the user goes on a journey with the inventor and the snail and unravels the secrets. The theme is pretty simple where the user has to switch between the past and the future so that the present gets…

Great Escape – Sliding Blocks

Great Escape – Sliding Blocks is a puzzle based adventure game where the user gets to enjoy competition and train their brain properly. The theme is interesting where the user has to move blocks from one side to the other, who in this case are caterpillars. They have to become…


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